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Aldi Launches A New Range Of Boozy Sausages For Summer

Aldi Launches A New Range Of Boozy Sausages For Summer

Sausages + booze = the answer to all our prayers

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

As everyone knows, nothing screams summer like booze and a barbeque.

So let's all rejoice together at the news that some bright spark at Aldi had the brilliant idea of launching a batch of alcohol-infused sausages. Yes, there is a god.

And whether you like beer or cider, the supermarket's Boozy British Bangers (400g) range - which cost £1.99 for a pack of four - has got you covered.

If you prefer something a little sharper, there is Thatcher's Traditional Cider and Bramley Apple (3.5 percent) but if that's not your tipple, then you can plump for the Golden Ale and Cheese (3.5 percent).

The boozy sausages have come just in time for summer.

Don't know about you, but that's all my hopes and prayers answered for the year.

But we also know that the British summer is rarely something you can bank on.

So once you've snapped up a packet or two of these bad boys, how about grabbing one of the discount supermarket's outdoor log burners?

Perfect for keeping those cockles warm as the sun goes down, the gadget costs just £59.99 and is made from 'durable steel'.

Measuring approximately 94 x 82 x 45cm, the burner boasts a 360° view of the fire and even features a handy log grate.

"Make the most of your garden day and night with this Outdoor Log Burner," the online description says.

"Wave goodbye to chilly evenings outside and hello to a cosy place by the fire.

"Durable and stylish, the black and bronze finished Outdoor Wood Burner has been made with a robust steel frame and is latticed in a steel mesh to help guard against any wayward flames."

You can choose between cider or beer.

The log burner was also on sale around this time last year, when it 'flew off the shelves'.

Reviews from the time revealed that customers had a lot of praise for the product, with one gushing: "I bought this two weeks ago, I love it. It's well worth the money and looks more expensive than what I paid, I'm really pleased with my purchase."

Someone else wrote: "Such great value garden log burner, looks great and does the job! So glad I ordered online as they flew off the shelves."

Another person commented: "I bought this log burner a couple of weeks ago and I just love it! My family and friends were very impressed, everyone can sit around it and keep warm, just the job for those chilly nights, very happy with my purchase, thank you Aldi for another extremely good value product."

Easy, this summer lark.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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