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Celebrations Advent Calender Dubbed 'Sick Joke' After People Find Bounty Bars Two Days In A Row

Celebrations Advent Calender Dubbed 'Sick Joke' After People Find Bounty Bars Two Days In A Row

After a Malteser high on the first day, people were 'gutted' to find not one but TWO Bounty bars hiding behind the next two doors

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Many of the people who went for a Celebrations advent calendar this year have been left feeling 'gutted' after doors two and three didn't provide the surprise they wanted.

After an initial high of starting the first day of December with a Malteser chocolate, chocolate lovers were disappointed to find not one but TWO miniature Bounty bars hiding behind the next two doors.

Now, for some people, that'd be a coconutty double-whammy of dreams, but others took to social media to express their dismay.

One tweeted: "I've had a Bounty 2 days in a row in my Celebrations advent calendar. Is this some sick joke?"


Someone else, who was equally as disgruntled, also said: "Celebrations taking the piss out of me with their advent calendar this year. Bounty yesterday and today."

A third wondered 'why Celebrations hate me', and another said the advent calendar is 'demonic', while someone claimed their day had been 'ruined' after finding the second lurking behind door two.

Another person added: "Both day two and day three of the Celebration sadvent calendar have been BOUNTYS?! Has 2020 not been bad enough?"

Last year saw similar uproar when people got Bounty chocolates two days in a row, with some saying their Christmas had been 'ruined'.

But for 2020, the folk at Celebrations claimed they had 'listened' and 'learnt' from what happened, making amends by popping everyone's favourite behind door one - that's right, the almighty Malteser Teasers chocolate.

"We've listened, we've learnt, we've changed!" Celebrations tweeted.

"You wanted Maltesers behind door number 1 this year... we got ya! Enjoy the nation's favourite Celebrations chocolate!"

Thing is, many people were brought crashing down to Earth after all that excitement when they found the nexttwo doors contained the controversial coconut chocolate bar.

However, Mars - which manufactures Celebrations - stands by its decisions.


Chloe Smith, Mars Wrigley's Head of Christmas added: "Who were we kidding thinking that Bounty wouldn't be up to its festive tricks in 2020?!

"The Bounty team went coco-nuts when they found out they weren't behind door one this year.

"Needless to say, Celebrations HQ has been over-run with Bounty Lovers who decided 2020 needs a bit more tropical fun."

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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