Cineworld Has Stopped Selling Tango Ice Blast And People Aren't Happy

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Cineworld Has Stopped Selling Tango Ice Blast And People Aren't Happy

It's the day most of us hoped would never come... but here it is. I'm sorry to tell you that the Tango Ice Blast is no more - at least, not at Cineworld, anyway.

The cinema chain has binned the iconic sweet treat in favour of something called an Icee, which is made by Vimto - and safe to say, people have taken the news pretty badly.

So badly, in fact, that a hashtag and a Facebook group have been created, demanding its return.

The creators of the Facebook page Keep Tango Ice Blast At Cineworld confirmed the devastating news, writing: "It turns out it's something called Icee that is starting to replace Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld Cinemas and feedback is it's not good!


"Let's fight to keep sipping on Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld, jump on their social media channels and let them know #BringBackTangoIceBlast!"

Fans have reacted badly to the news that Cineworld will no longer serve Tango Ice Blasts. Credit: Tango/Twitter
Fans have reacted badly to the news that Cineworld will no longer serve Tango Ice Blasts. Credit: Tango/Twitter

Understandably, the news has gone down like a shit sandwich with most fans, who have reacted to the situation more like a grieving family than disgruntled customers.

One fairly emotional fan wrote: "I am a HUGE slushy fan and I just have to say that Tango Ice Blasts are literally my favourite slush of all time, they're worth every penny and I always go out my way to buy one at the cinema, I literally cannot explain how much I enjoy and love them and if they ever left me I might cry."


While another distraught customer said: "I went to Cineworld the other day and they still had the Blasts there. So glad that I got to try it before it went."

A third added: "If you get rid of Ice Blasts there's no point going to the cinema. That's all I go for so byeeeee cinema."

Another 'officially' complained, writing: "So @cineworld, I heard you ditched Tango Ice Blasts again... This is an official complaint. Stop tryna change it, no slush will beat the ultimate Ice Blast."


Since then, the news has spread far and wide, with hundreds of posts to Twitter, as customers threaten to start a petition to bring the Blast back.

One person wrote: "@Cineworld Castleford. I hope you still have the genuine Tango Ice Blast when I go on Wednesday, life's too short for inferior drinks."

Another said: "Starting a petition to bring Tango Ice Blast back to Cineworld."


Replying to one Twitter user about rumours that the popular drink had been replaced, Cineworld said: "That's right, we're very excited to be serving Vimto ICEE drinks soon in a cinema near you."

A spokesperson for Tango told LADbible: "Unfortunately Cineworld have made the decision that they will no longer sell Tango Ice Blast moving forward. As a proud family business, we are disappointed but accept their decision. Fans of Tango Ice Blast will still be able to find us in Vue, Odeon, Empire, Showcase, Reel and many independent cinemas."

They added: "Some of Cineworld's sites have moved over to the new supplier already, with the full roll out happening over the coming weeks." So there you go, Ice Blast fans, looks like there's a chance your local branch might not have made the switch just yet.

A spokesperson for Cineworld said: "While we've had a lot of positive feedback, it's a shame to hear that some people are disappointed with our decision to introduce ICEE.


"We provide a wide range of drink options and customers are also welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic drinks to the cinema."

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