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People Are Angry That McDonald's Is Discontinuing The Ice Cream Sundae

People Are Angry That McDonald's Is Discontinuing The Ice Cream Sundae

This follows the re-introduction of the Smarties McFlurry, so it's swings and roundabouts

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

It's always an exciting day when McDonald's brings back a beloved product, or introduces something new - but we've all felt pangs of disappointment upon learning they're binning off an old favourite.

So you might want to join us in a quiet moment of reflection (maybe cue up 'The Last Post' and bow your head respectfully) as we announce that Maccies is stripping its menu of one of its classic ice cream treats - the humble sundae.

Yup, toffee and strawberry are both gone, and some customers are not at all happy about it.


In a tweet, responding to an unhappy customer, the fast food company said it was discontinuing the dessert due to it being 'not very popular' - although it also cited 'sugar content' and 'government recommendations' among the reasons.

The company posted: "Hi, the Toffee Sundae and Strawberry Sundae were removed from the McDonald's menu on Wednesday 26th September 2018, and they were removed because they weren't very popular. The Government recommendations regarding sugar also played a part in the removal."

I'm sorry, what? Not popular?


People have not taken the news well when they've gone to purchase the tasty treat, but were told they couldn't, using social media to contact the company directly.

One person said: "I am very annoyed that you have stopped selling toffee sundaes. What's the reason for this?"

Another said: "As if I just went to McDonald's drive thru for a toffee sundae and they said unfortunately we don't do these anymore... is this some kind of sick joke? But there special McFlurry is Smarties? ACTUAL FUCK OFF MCDONALDS. #bringbackthesundae." [sic]


McDonald's claimed government recommendations on sugar intake also played a part of the dessert's axing from the menu.

The recommended daily amount by the NHS is that adults and children over the age of 11 should only have up to 30g of sugar per day.

The toffee Sundae is reported to contain 50g of sugar and the strawberry Sundae is said to have 45g - so up to 20g more than recommended on a daily basis.

The government is being proactive about tackling childhood obesity and are putting pressure on fast food restaurants to reduce the amount of sugar in their products across the board.

However, although McDonald's cited the amount of sugar as one of the reasons for the sundae's withdrawal, it has recently reintroduced the Smarties McFlurry.


In one serving of the dessert there is said to be 46g of sugar and one medium strawberry milkshake has 53g of sugar - almost double the recommended daily amount, which doesn't tally up with the earlier claim. Confused? You might well be.

Luckily the confusion is easily dispersed - a spokesperson told LADbible that citing the government recommendations was 'an error', and that sundaes had been removed purely as a 'business decision'.

They added: "The removal of Sundaes from our menu makes room for the mini McFlurry and promotional favourites like the Smarties McFlurry, which have proved incredibly popular with customers."

So, officially, it's all down to popularity. Might not bring our beloved treats back, but at least we've got some clarity, eh?

Featured Image Credit: PA/McDonald's

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