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Russian Millionaire Flies 450 Miles So He Can Eat At McDonald's

Simon Catling


Russian Millionaire Flies 450 Miles So He Can Eat At McDonald's

Featured Image Credit: East2West News

A Russian millionaire was so desperate for a Big Mac and fries that he spent a whopping £2,000 on travel to beat Western sanctions and visit a McDonald's.


Thirty-three-year-old Viktor Martynov was holidaying in the Crimea, which - since its annexation from the Ukraine by Vladimir Putin in 2014 - has had sanctions placed on it that forbid Western companies such as Maccies from operating within the region.

That's pretty unfortunate if you're Crimean and love Big Macs. If you're a millionaire holidaying in the area, though, it's less of a problem - Martynov chartered a helicopter out of the area in order to devour some what he called 'normal food'.

The private yacht tycoon was staying at Black Sea resort Alushta when he was overtaken by cravings for fast food and, although the nearest city to him with a McDonald's was Krasnodar, 450 miles away, it proved to be the solution to his conundrum.

Credit: East2West News
Credit: East2West News

The private yacht tycoon flew 450 miles on a round trip to pick up Big Macs, French fries and milkshakes to satisfy his urges.

"This is how it was - I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Alushta," said Martynov later.

"We had a craving for normal Moscow food...

"We decided to board a helicopter, fly to Krasnodar and go to McDonald's.

"We had a meal there and got back."

Credit: East2West News
Credit: East2West News

Some reports had suggested that the burger-loving Russian had only stopped off to pick up a takeaway, but it was confirmed that he had least given himself time to sit in the restaurant and enjoy his meal.

Meanwhile, aside from the money spent on getting there, his bill amounted to a somewhat incredible total of £49 worth of food, including milkshakes.

Looks like someone was definitely hungy.

Credit: East2West News
Credit: East2West News

Of course, Martynov isn't the only one who's been splashing out on fast-food during lockdown.

In Brazil, mum Raissa Andrade, 32, was left stunned when ten bags of Maccies turned up at her front door, after her three year-old son Tom had managed to use her phone to order the food.

Raissa explained that due to the pandemic, they'd been ordering a lot of takeaways, and her son had clearly seen how she ordered and was able to copy her.

The huge order included six promotional meals, six happy meals, eight special offer toys, 10 milkshakes, eight bottles of water and two McSundaes and came to £55, after Tom had managed to taken advantage of several promotional offers while putting his order in.

Despite all this, Tom said that the 'yellow minion' he'd requested hadn't been delivered, nor had an apple pie. Maybe next time he should fly down there.

Topics: World News, Weird, McDonald's, Russia

Simon Catling
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