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Centers For Disease Control Reminds People Not To Wash Or Re-Use Their Condoms

Mischa Pearlmen

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Centers For Disease Control Reminds People Not To Wash Or Re-Use Their Condoms

For anyone that's ever used one, it's not difficult to realise that condoms aren't meant to be used twice. They're not just rolled up like that in the packet for ease of application, but because they're sterile and (usually) covered with a spermicide designed to kill off the millions of mini-yous racing to your partner's uterus.

However, it seems that not everyone realises this, because the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention tweeted out a message aimed at sexually active Americans - yes, this is no joke.

"Don't wash or reuse condoms," the agency tweeted. Well, no shit. But apparently it's not obvious to everyone. "We say it, because people do it," the CDC said and we have no words.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

According to the Daily Mail, as many as three per cent of people have tried to re-use condoms. Can you imagine washing one, though? Seriously, people - what's wrong with you? Not only would soap destroy any of the chemicals on the condom, but that's just super gross.

Anyway, because the CDC want to do their job and help reduce the risk of people contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they also reminded everyone that prophylactics can be picked up for free at health centres and can only be used the one time.

The study, published in 2012, revealed that between one and 3.3 per cent of people try to reuse them. Which doesn't sound like a lot, but there are a lot of people in the USA, so that would still equate to a hefty amount of people going for round two with their rubber friend.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

To give those people some credit - and the benefit of the doubt - washing condoms used to be standard practice. The Sex Pistols (appropriately enough) and Elvis Costello have even sung songs about washing condoms.

But that was back in the '70s, people. It's 2018 now. Really, it's an indication of just how essential sex education is, wherever you are in the world.

And while many of us have access to the internet and can look things up pretty much whenever we want, it would probably be a good idea to make sure people actually know what to do (and what not to do) instead of just leaving it for them to work out on their own.

And just when you thought you'd seen it all, back in January, Mark, a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show accused his ex-girlfriend, Joanne, of having sex with someone who 'wore a Toffee Crisp wrapper as a johnny'. Classic.

Joanne was adamant that she hadn't used the unconventional contraception method - as anyone hopefully would.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Mischa Pearlmen
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