Pictures Show New Star Wars Theme Park At Walt Disney World

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Pictures Show New Star Wars Theme Park At Walt Disney World

If you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, this is the place for you. Pictures have emerged that show the new part of Walt Disney World dedicated to the world's best-loved space movie series.

At a reported cost of $1bn (£773m) and spread over a huge 14-acre area, Star Wars: Galaxy Edge is due to open on August 29th 2019 and it already looks pretty amazing.

If you look at the pictures that have been taken of the development at Disney's flagship amusement park in Orlando, Florida, you can really get an impression of the sheer size of the new addition.


Look at the scale of that car park next to it - it's going to be massive.

As well as the instantly recognisable Star Wars universe buildings that can already be seen, there are a load of cranes and diggers that can be spotted creating some amazing and technologically advanced rides to excite visitors to the new development.

Oh, and there is also a scale replica of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's famous spacecraft. Whether or not this one could make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs is anyone's guess.


As well as the futuristic rides and amusements, the park is also going to feature a number of restaurants with Star Wars inspired names like Ronto Roasters and Oga's Cantina.

Hopefully they'll have the iconic cantina band on show as well. They will, surely.


Incidentally, those restaurants will be the first venue that Disney has ever created that will sell booze too. Spot on.

If Florida isn't your thing, there will also be an almost identical Star Wars land opening up across the USA at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.


As you might imagine, admission to these parks isn't going to be cheap.

Disney jacked up the entry to its amusement parks back in January, and if you want to get into Star Wars: Galaxy Edge it'll set you back $104 (£80) for a ticket that gets you into one of the parks for one day.


That's on a low-demand day as well. If you want to go on a weekday in February then fair play. However, if you want to go on a weekend in the summer, you can expect to pay $149 (£115) for the privilege.

To be fair to them, it does look absolutely awesome and they've got to pay for all those Millennium Falcon replicas somehow.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/bioreconstruct

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