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Pilots Won't Inform You If Your Plane Is About To Crash

Claire Reid

| Last updated 

Pilots Won't Inform You If Your Plane Is About To Crash

Featured Image Credit: PA

If you ever end up in the enviable position of being on a plane that is about to crash, you almost certainly won't know because the pilot won't tell you.


TikTok user Jade, or @jade.loves.crime, shared a fairly grim video in which she explained what happens during a plane crash.

The clip kicks off with Jade saying: "If you are in a crashing plane, you won't be informed. Unless the pilot performs a controlled crash landing, they will likely not have the time to inform you that you're about to die... and that's probably for the best."

The video gets worse from there, as Jade goes on to describe what would happen to your body in such an incident - and let me tell you, it does not sound good.

She continues: "If your plane nose-dives, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will not remain conscious, but right before things go black you might experience a sense of weightlessness - objects around you and your arms will just hover as if you're in space.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"Once it makes impact, in all likelihood, it'll be over before it begins. The g-force is so immense it will likely shatter your bones and destroy your organs, but it's unlikely you'd feel any of it.

"If the plane explodes in the air, you'd be dead before the crash.

"The explosion would rip a hole in the plane, causing explosive decompression - this means the pressure difference whirling at your body could literally rip you apart.

"You'll lose your vision, followed by your sense of clarity and finally all consciousness once in a free fall.

"So in all honesty, it sounds horrible but it would be relatively painless and fast."

And hey, at least you'd have no idea it was about to happen - so that's something.

Jade's clip is backed up by the thoughts of several airline workers, who explained that telling passengers wouldn't be a priority for staff.

Posting on Quora one curious passenger asked: "If a plane crash is certain, are the passengers informed?"

Tom Farrier from the International Society of Air Safety Investigators replied to say: "Either the crew is way too busy trying to hold things together to say anything over the PA, or the passengers will be told whatever's appropriate to ready them for what's to come."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Pilot Alan Clement also responded to say that what you're told would depend on how much time there is before impact.

He wrote: "If there is time, the crew will give the 'brace for impact' command... But if the workload in the cockpit is too high, or there is too little time, this might go unsaid."

A former American Airlines worker added: "Passengers will never be told that a plane crash is certain."

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Claire Reid
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