Aussie Croc Hunter Matt Wright Teaches Toddler Son How To Handle Snakes


Aussie Croc Hunter Matt Wright Teaches Toddler Son How To Handle Snakes

Aussie crocodile wrangler Matt Wright has revealed how he is getting his young son familiar with some of Australia's scariest animals.

The Northern Territory bada** uploaded a video of Banjo dressed in classic khaki attire handling a fairly decent-sized snake.


Wright has made a name for himself by capturing and relocating crocs in the Top End and he certainly isn't afraid of other creatures that inhabit the Northern Territory and its surrounds.


The Aussie legend clearly wants to pass that trait down to Banjo and he's starting him young.

The video posted to Instagram shows Banjo pulling on the lengthy snake from its tail as he tried to get the serpent off the front porch.

The task ended up scaring the little one a bit as he dropped the snake's tail and ran over to his dad screaming 'oh no, oh no'.

Seemingly undeterred, Banjo gave it another go before the video ended.


It looks like the stunt has divided people in the comments section about whether Banjo is too young to be getting involved in snakes.

One person wrote: "He's teaching [him] not to be afraid and to respect the animal gently and humanely at such a young age. That's awesome. Like a young Steve Irwin."

Another added: "Next week- kid playing in backyard on their own sees a red belly black, runs over and grabs it on the tail. Kid bitten. This child is not old enough to make an accurate assessments on what snakes are safe and what are not. Heck most adults can't."


A third said: "Everything about this is stupid and wrong."

It's safe to say Matt probably wouldn't have put Banjo in front of a red-bellied black snake or any other type of serpent if he knew it was going to be dangerous.

It's unclear what species of snake is in the video, however it doesn't look like it's going to attack anyone any time soon.

Matt has previously explained to Daily Mail Australia that he is well versed with animals and their dangerousness.


"There is a certain point, the animals react to certain pressure points, and you need to know them for their reaction," he said. "You can be around them all day but you've got to know your limit.

"I've got plenty of buffer, it might look close, but I've got a comfortable buffer. They're not snapping at my shirt so I'm not too close."

Featured Image Credit: Matt Wright/Instagram

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