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Doctor Explains Why The Average Penis Is Probably Shorter Than You Think

Doctor Explains Why The Average Penis Is Probably Shorter Than You Think

Dr Anthony Youn revealed there could be a bit of bias when it comes to studying someone's manhood.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A TikTok-famous plastic surgeon has opened up about the average size of the male penis and how it's actually shorter than many of us think. Take a look below:

Dr Anthony Youn explained how that magical number has caused some men anxiety about whether they stack up against their alleged hung peers.

While the UK's National Health Service states the average manhood is between five to seven inches when erect (which is a very large margin), Dr Youn says it's likely closer to the shorter end of the scale and then some.

"Studies show that the average length of a man's erect junk is 5.15 inches," he said.

"But the real length is probably less than that because most men with small wieners probably wouldn't consent to being involved in those studies."

The research that has gone into working out what the average Johnson measures out to be has been controversial to say the least.

Jam Press

London clinic International Andrology discovered the typical length in the UK was 6.36 inches when erect after they interviewed 1,000 men.

However, this was based on self-reporting, which has been found in the past to be a little biased.

King's College London did the hard work of actually inspecting 15,000 erect penises back in 2015, according to The Mirror.

After collating the data on all those dongs, they concluded that the average Brit had a penis that measured 5.16 inches when at full mast.

Even though you'd think that would finally put that argument to rest, that study was also highlighted as mildly skewed.

Jam Press

Business Insider reports how the study authors admitted that only men who were confident about their penis length would have probably signed up to the study, meaning the average number could be a little lower than 5.16 inches.

Dr Zimmerman, who is affectionately known as the 'Dick Doc on TikTok', is an aesthetic surgeon and an expert on all things related to the male penis.

He agreed that the seemingly all-important number is around 5 inches, however, he urged people not to think too much about whether they're higher or lower than the average.

"I can speak to the fact that the exterior presentation of a gentleman has very little to do with what you'll find under the belt. Sometimes it's quite humbling and quite surprising," he said.

If you're still convinced you want a bit more size in your pants, Dr Zimmerman had some tips.

"Think about how hard it would be to try to make someone taller," he mused. "If you damage the internal organs that cause the erection, then you may have erectile problems for life and that's not worth it.

"To get length, you can do something called jelqing (penis-stretching exercises) or you can use penis pumps to give you a temporary elongation, but it's like going to the gym.

"Once you stop going, things pretty much go back to the way they would have been if you'd never done it."

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