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Experts Predict What Gamers' Hands Could Look Like In The Future

Experts Predict What Gamers' Hands Could Look Like In The Future

Get ready to have Salad Fingers in the future.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Depending on the gaming console you use and your age, your hands could fit snugly around the controller or it could be a bit of a stretch.

While it's unclear how technology will evolve to help us game, casino review site SlotsWise has drawn up a 3D image of what our paws could look like if we keep up our hobby.

The website partnered with gaming product company Cornelius Creative to look into the future of our bodies and has produced this terrifying render.

The website wrote: "Gaming has been a popular pastime for many people around the world, with some choosing to take it a step further and pursue it as a full-time career. Its popularity continues to see growth year on year as a way for people to stay connected and escape.

"But, with the human body not originally meant for gaming in terms of how our hands are shaped for holding controllers, what would they look like in the future if they adapted for optimum gaming performance?"

While there's no indication gaming controllers are set to grow in size, our fingers could be the ones to increase over time.


The experts have forecast our index and middle fingers will get enormously large compared to the rest of our hand, while the ring finger is due to shrink.

The change in size is due to statistics showing how gamers grip a controller for almost a quarter of the day, resulting in muscle strains.

To overcome this strain, a lengthening of the core fingers required for gaming could transform.

Simon Cornelius, Managing Director of Cornelius Creative, explained: "Controllers, as they stand, are ergonomically designed, however, the increased immersive experience of some games require more buttons to play.

"Looking at it another way, the manufacturers are responsible for designing controllers that lessen the impact on our physiology."


Even if gaming controllers don't change, smartphones are showing no signs of limiting their size growth, meaning these extra long fingers could be handy when you're texting or gaming.

Simon reckons controllers will increase the number of buttons required for gameplay, which will put strain on our already limited fingers.

"An increase of buttons on the controllers means our fingers, specifically thumb, index and middle are doing more work and must stretch further," he said.

"I would therefore expect an evolution of our hands to include a lengthening of those fingers, with fast reaction times. The ring and little finger would recede and possibly become more claw-like to wrap around the controller."

Who knows what the future will hold but it sure sounds interesting.

Featured Image Credit: SlotsWise

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