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Ghislaine Maxwell's Family Complain Her Jail Conditions Are Inhumane

Ghislaine Maxwell's Family Complain Her Jail Conditions Are Inhumane

Maxwell was arrested on July 2, 2020, on multiple charges related to the sexual abuse of young women and girls by Jeffrey Epstein.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

The family of Ghislaine Maxwell has complained her jail conditions are 'inhumane'.

Maxwell was arrested in July last year on multiple charges related to the sexual abuse of young women and girls by Jeffrey Epstein - something which Maxwell has denied.

The family has been campaigning for her to be bailed and await trial in home confinement, but Manhattan federal prosecutors have urged Judge Alison Nathan to reject Maxwell's third request for release from Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Maxwells brother, Ian, said the 59-year-old has been suffering with bad health as she waits for the July start of her trial.

Ian Maxwell.
BBC Radio 4

"Ghislaine has been in prison now for nearly 250 days and counting," he said.

"She is in effective isolation in a cell that measures 6ft by 9ft and which includes a concrete bed and a toilet.

"There is no natural light. She is under 24-hour, round-the-clock surveillance with ten cameras including one that moves and tracks her movements. That is her existence.

"The water that is provided through the prison is brown and the food that she's given is very highly microwaved and basically inedible".

Ian also claimed that she would not try to escape if she were to be bailed and that she had offered to renounce her British and French citizenship.

"Had she wanted to run away, she could have run away at any point in the year after Epstein died," Ghislaine's brother said.

"But she remained permanently in the United States. This isn't somebody who's seeking to flee. She has attachments here, she has family here, she has an entire life built by her for 30 years here."

Ghislaine Maxwell.

However, Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey wrote that Maxwell's offer to renounce the citizenships did not address concerns she could flee the country.

"The defendant is wrong. That she is 'willing' to renounce her foreign citizenship would do nothing to prevent the defendant from fleeing and then fighting extradition once abroad, and it does nothing to diminish the risk that the defendant could choose to flee to another jurisdiction altogether, including one with which the United States does not have an extradition treaty and from which extradition is impossible," Comey wrote.

Maxwell's family has also posted a series of tweets as the battle for her bid for bail continues.

It attempts to shed light on the 'facts' behind Maxwell's imprisonment and the person behind the headlines.

"We know Ghislaine better than anyone, we are her family. It is our mission to shine light on the real Ghislaine, not the figure of fiction caricatured by the media. #GMaxFACTS #FactsMATTER" the family said in its first tweet.

Her last bail plea had offered $22.5 million in her second bail plea, but Judge Nathan stated that 'no conditions of release can reasonably assure the Defendant's appearance at future proceedings'.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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