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MAGA Conspiracy Theory Suggests Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are Doing Face/Off

Stewart Perrie


MAGA Conspiracy Theory Suggests Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are Doing Face/Off

With Donald Trump set to leave the White House tomorrow (January 20), his diehard supporters are going wild on social media.

Many staunch Republicans have moved to Parler and 4chan to share their ideas, hopes and dreams after the US President was booted from most major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Parler is a hotbed of conspiracy theories that are largely allowed to go unchecked and unfiltered, despite being asked by Apple and Google to clean up the posts. 4chan isn't much better and is essentially just a message board forum that allows people to say whatever they want.

One MAGA diehard has posted their outrageous conspiracy theory that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are actually going to swap bodies in a move reminiscent of Face/Off.


The iconic film starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage revolves around the two characters literally getting a face transplant and trading lives to hunt each other down.

A 4chan user reckons the 'deep state' is in disarray and has struck a deal with the Donald Trump Administration.

As a result, according to the anonymous poster, Joe Biden has been arrested and the President-elect will have 'experimental surgery' to swap faces with Donald Trump.


"So when you watch 'Biden's inauguration' you will really be watching Trump being sworn in for a second term. And when you are watching the 'Trump trials' that is really Biden paying for his crimes," the conspiracy theorist said.

The 4chan user believes that when we see Joe Biden 'stammer' in future, that's actually Donald Trump learning the 46th President of the United State's speech pattern.


Unsurprisingly, the theory has been mocked and criticised on Twitter.


One person wrote: "It's a sad, sad, sad commentary on the current state of American society that a reasonable and intelligent person can't really be sure if the person who posted that was being serious or not."

Another said: "I've been waiting for a Q crackpot to create a Biden is Trump storyline. It's their last desperate hold on insanity before the cracks letting in reality form."

A third added: "They think Face/Off is a documentary."

Of course, this is all bonkers and there isn't some 'deep state' plot that will see Joe Biden and Donald Trump trade places.


The Joe Biden that you will see being inaugurated as the next American president is, in fact, the same Joe Biden that has been in politics for several decades.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Topics: joe biden, Donald Trump

Stewart Perrie
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