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Man Opens Up About What It Was Like To Get A Penis Enlargement

Stewart Perrie


Man Opens Up About What It Was Like To Get A Penis Enlargement

A man has opened up about what it was like to get a penis enlargement.

While women all over the world have received breast augmentation and labiaplasty, the rates of men getting their Johnson surgically adjusted is comparatively tiny.

That's because it's heavily regulated in America and there is only one type of surgery that has been approved and only two doctors are permitted to carry it out.

Known as Pneuma, it's a 'penile implant for cosmetic enhancement' that's described as the 'safe, permanent, and fully-reversible solution for all your penile enhancement needs'.


One bloke who went through the process said it was pretty strange but overall really good.

Marcus said his penis was perfectly normal in terms of shape and size, however he felt like it was lacking in some way.

Speaking to Men's Health, he said: "I always thought I should be bigger, even though I never got complaints, never had issues - just why not? Women can get boob jobs. Why can't I?"

He started looking into the procedure when he was in his late teens and finally settled on getting a Pneuma after seeing LA-based urologist Dr James Elist's name pop up a lot.

The implant goes between the muscle and the skin of the penis and people wanting the procedure don't get to choose how big they want to be.

The doctor will evaluate your package and pick a size that will be safe and effective.

After doing a consultation, he was all booked and ready to go. He got his mum to take him to the hospital and said the surgery went according to plan.

"Coming out of anaesthesia was pretty easy for me," he said. "There was obviously some tightness. It feels like you have a very strong erection as soon as you come out because it's full, the skin is expanding, so it feels a little full down there, a little tight."

"The worst part was the first time I had to pee. That was horrifying. That part was bad because they pump you full of antibiotics and whatnot.

"So, you're peeing like bright red antibiotics. That part was not pleasant."

He confirmed that the implant gave him an extra inch in length and two inches in girth, but getting an erection was weird.

"It feels almost like it wants to burst open, but not bad, not excruciating, pain. I don't remember even taking any pain meds," he said.

The first time having sex was fairly worrying as he didn't know what would happen.

The doctor warned him to go slow because not only does Marcus have to be careful about the incision point but his wife also hadn't experienced him being a bit bigger.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Stewart Perrie
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