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Woman Accused Of Killing Boyfriend Then Serving His Genitals In Meal To Friends

Woman Accused Of Killing Boyfriend Then Serving His Genitals In Meal To Friends

Police say there wasn't a single trace of the victim, except for a rogue tooth in a blender.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A woman in Morocco has been charged with murdering her boyfriend and then cooking up a particular body part to serve to his friends.

The 30-year-old is accused of attacking her partner after he revealed he wanted to marry someone else.

Police will allege the woman flew into a fit of rage at the revelation after they had been together for seven years and she was planning a future with him.

After allegedly killing the man, who is 10 years younger than her, the 30-year-old cooked up his genitals and prepared the meat in a traditional meal known as a Machboos.

According to 7News, the dish is widely popular in Bahrain and is similar to the Indian biryani with rice and meat, typically chicken.

The woman reportedly gave the meal to the victim's construction worker friends near her home in the United Arab Emirates.

They had no clue that what they were eating was their dead mate's genitals, according to police.

The victim's disappearance sparked concern amongst his nearest and dearest and the man's brother went to the defendant's house to look for him.

7News reports there wasn't a single trace of the victim except for a rogue tooth that was found inside a blender.

A court report claims the 30-year-old woman fed the rest of the body to the dogs, who were allowed to gnaw on his bones.

She has allegedly confessed to the murder and will undergo a psychological examination to determine whether she is fit for trial.

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