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Gordon Ramsay Announces He's Turning More Vegan

Gordon Ramsay Announces He's Turning More Vegan

In a video, Ramsay says, “I’ve got a confession. I’m turning vegan.”

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

It looks like Hell's Kitchen has well and truly frozen over after Gordon Ramsay announced that he's becoming more vegan.

In an interview with Yahoo, the Michelin Star chef said he's, in fact, introducing more vegan food into his diet.

Whilst cutting out some of his previous dietary staples, he revealed that the hardest type of food to give up was dairy.

He said: "Dairy! As a chef I would be lying if I said I didn't want to indulge in rich dairy like butter, cream and milk.

"Oat milk really helped me to maintain that richness in a healthy way. My father passed away at 53 of a heart attack because of a poor diet. I want to set a good example for my children."


Ramsay also pointed out some benefits after making the switch.

He confessed: "It re-energized my love of food and made me more creative in the kitchen. It's too easy with a filet mignon. It has made me dig deeper, which is a huge advantage.

"I want people to know how seriously I take this movement [to transition to eating more plants]. It's had such a positive impact on my life and my level of fitness. I have no intention of slowing down and I feel great."

Earlier on in the year, he had us all fooled and posted a TikTok of himself turning full-vegan.

In the video, Ramsay says, "I've got a confession. I'm turning vegan."


After that he appears to make a 'vegan steak dinner', replaying a piece of meat with an aubergine.

He adds peppercorns and spices to the pan and tosses them to bring out the flavours.

Then, the chef puts the egg plant on the cooker and 'chars' it and removes the skin.

Whilst seasoning the veggie steak with more spices, he adds a bit of olive oil and creates a red wine and thyme sauce that he reduces, after adding a big lump of butter.

Ramsay adds: "Yes it's vegan butter."


Once the butter has melted, he adds the steak to the sauces, mixes it all together and serves it with some potato mash and leaves.

Looks nice! However, at the end of the video, he rectifies his opening statement and says, "I'm turning vegan...for lunch."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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