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Boyfriend Offers To Do Housework For First Time And Breaks His Leg

Boyfriend Offers To Do Housework For First Time And Breaks His Leg

The man from Wales ended up in hospital for four weeks.

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

A boyfriend who was asked to do some housework 'for the first time' unbelievably ended up breaking his leg after tripping over a vacuum cord and falling down the stairs. Watch below:

Nathan Marsh, 26, from Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales, was kept in hospital for four weeks and spent six weeks in a cast after the unfortunate accident.

And believe it or not, the whole thing was caused by Nathan attempting to do some housework 'for the first time' at the request of his fiancée.

Bethan Watling, 24 said: "When I found him in a pile at the bottom of the stairs, he was tangled in the vacuum cord and couldn't walk.

"I thought he was pulling a fast one."

Initially, she thought he was faking his injury and was just trying to get out of doing the housework she'd asked him to do.

She even helped him onto the sofa and was still unconvinced he was actually injured.


However, she soon realised that his pain was real and called the paramedics.

The paramedics wanted to take Nathan into WHICH Hospital, but couldn't maneuverer the wheelchair around the narrow corridor.

They had no choice but to call the fire brigade to try and help get him out of the house.

"They nearly took the window off," Bethan said.

"But they managed to get him out but strapped him to a board and going through the front door."

Was the vacuuming really worth it?


Bethan then revealed: "He's completely recovered now and doing fine. It hasn't got him out of doing the housework though.

"I still try and get him to do a bit of cleaning but definitely nothing upstairs. He's good at washing the dishes so he main sticks to that now."

Nathan, who is now back on his feet after the accident, added: "It was very painful at the time.

"The bed rest was amazing and it's nice being back on the feet. It was amusing to have the street full of emergency vehicles.

"But I'm thankful for everything they have done and they handled the situation amazingly.

"Bethan had a list ready for me when I had to the all-clear!"

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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