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Brisbane Woman Who Stabbed Man With Her Stiletto Let Off With A Fine

Brisbane Woman Who Stabbed Man With Her Stiletto Let Off With A Fine

Her victim is fuming saying the same sentence wouldn't be handed down if the roles were reversed.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A Brisbane woman has been fined just $250 for stabbing a man with the heel of her stiletto during a drunken night out.

No conviction was recorded for Jazzmin Fry, who admits that the whole thing was a mistake.

"It was a drunken act. It was my 21st birthday and it's not me. I don't know why I did that and I wasn't in the right mind frame," she told Channel 9.

Ray White

Her victim, Kyle Johns, said the attack was completely unprovoked and he had no idea why he was targeted, telling the same network: "[She] comes to the middle of China Town with her heels in her hand and stabs me in the crown of my head."

Kyle had to be taken to hospital where doctors stapled his scalp back together after the pointy end of the 21-year-old woman's shoe did some serious damage.

Fry reportedly came up to the 19-year-old and yelled: "Want my fucking heel through your eyeball, c**t?"

Kyle Johns.
Channel 9

He was whacked in the head, which nearly knocked him unconscious. Someone grabbed his phone and called his mum, Susan Johns, who described her shock at hearing her son had been attacked.

"This voice I didn't know said, 'Are you Kyle's mum?', and I said, 'Yes', and he said, 'We've been assaulted - Kyle is laying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

"I arrive panicked to the ER and the ambulance hadn't arrived. I'm then told 'he has been stabbed in the head', now I imagine the worst and spiral - the emotions I experienced in 30 seconds cannot be expressed.

"Worst case scenario, he could have lost an eye, suffered an internal bleed or worse - death from head injuries."

Mr Johns' bloodied shirt.

Mr Johns is understandably fuming over the sentence, saying it doesn't stack up to the injuries he was inflicted with on the February night.

"[I'm]devastated to be honest. If the roles were reversed would I be getting the same, pretty much a slap on the wrist?" he said.

While Jazzmin has escaped without a conviction or jail time, she has reportedly been sacked by her employer, real estate company Ray White.

On the company's website, it describes the young woman as priding herself 'on her ability to build strong relationships with both landlords and tenants, believing prompt and reliable communication is the key'.

Featured Image Credit: 9 News

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