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Woman Forgets Eight-Inch Sex Toy In Glovebox When Trading Car In

Woman Forgets Eight-Inch Sex Toy In Glovebox When Trading Car In

The sex toy was discovered during a routine inspection of a car that had been traded in

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Staff at a car dealership in Australia were stunned when they discovered a woman's eight-inch sex toy that had been accidentally left in the glove box after she traded her vehicle in.

Heather Duffy, 27, was shocked when a co-worker found the, ahem, rather large sex aid 'glistening in the sunshine' when examining the glove compartment of the Holden Astra on Friday (19 July).

The sex toy was discovered in the glove box.
Kennedy News

In a bid to reunite the woman with her 'not-so-little' friend, Heather managed to get in touch with her - which is when the mortified customer replied saying she would now have to 'move countries'.

Heather, who works at Auto Direct Wholesale QLD, said: "I was so surprised to find it where we did.

"Let's be honest, we all have sex toys, but I'm used to seeing them in the drawer next to my bed, not in the glove box of a car.

"The young lady called us out of the blue and wanted to trade in her car, which was worth around A$3,000 (£1,679/$2,093).

"We stock predominantly performance vehicles, but we did have a little car that we had online as a trade that we were selling.

Not your usual lost property.
Kennedy News

"She was early to mid twenties, a very beautiful girl, was really nice and super polite.

"She sat down with us for about an hour and we took her car for a quick little drive.

"Because it was a cheap little trade-in we didn't go over it too thoroughly - we didn't go through the glovebox.

"She left with her vehicle and one of our detailers popped in with a very horrified look on his face and said we might want to come out and check what's in the glovebox.

"We went out and the item was found glistening in the sun as soon as the glovebox opened.

"It was about eight inches long and the girth was actually quite astounding, my fingers wouldn't fit round it, it was a monster.

"We sent her a message about her leaving it there and her reaction was really funny, once the initial shock wore off she thought it was quite funny too."

The message they sent the customer.
Kennedy News

After making the x-rated discovery, the company shared their predicament on Facebook, complete with a screenshot of the message they had sent to the customer.

The post read: "To the polite young lady who traded a vehicle with us this morning... it was lovely to meet you... but the pleasure was obviously ALL yours.

"Can somebody please tag this Big Guy's owner so she can collect her friend!"

Their message to the customer read: "Hi [redacted]. We appreciate your business this morning, we also hope you thoroughly enjoy your new vehicle.

"In regards to your trade-in... I think you may have forgotten to collect your 'Not So Little Friend' from the glove box?

"We very much hope your new vehicle is as pleasurable as your old one. Kind regards."

The customer replied: "OMMMMMMMMMMMG I'M SERIOUSLY MOVING COUNTRIES," followed by four crying emojis.

The woman's reply.
Kennedy News

Heather, from Ashmore, Queensland, reckons the customer had been so thorough cleaning out the boot of the car she had forgotten to check the glove compartment before handing her keys over.

She said: "Alongside it was a big pink lollipop, a log book and some paperwork.

"She'd taken a whole heap of stuff out of the car and must have forgotten to look in the glove box.

There was also a lollipop in there.
Kennedy News

"When I first called her she was still a little bit shell-shocked and super embarrassed, but I told her not to be and that we'd had a good laugh - then she had a bit of a giggle about it.

"I've told her where it's waiting, but we're yet to see her. This could change, but I'm guessing that it won't.

"This 100 percent ranks as the weirdest thing we've come across - we once found two new brand new phones still in the wrapper and the owner came back and got those.

"We've had a large number of messages from people asking if the young lady doesn't claim it if it's possible for them to collect it in her place.

"If the owner decides not to pick her 'not so little friend' up I may have to do the honorable thing and give it a proper burial and eulogy - perhaps I could live stream it so we can all mourn together."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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