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Naturist Couple Reveal What It’s Like To Live Life Without Clothes

Naturist Couple Reveal What It’s Like To Live Life Without Clothes

The pair say they are naturists, not nudists

Ever wondered what it would be like to live your whole life naked? No, me neither.

However, John and Helen Donson, from Chippenham, Wiltshire, say they absolutely love their naturist lifestyle - so much so, they had a Pagan wedding ceremony at an off-the-grid naturist club.

That club - Pines Outdoor Club in Longhope - is now looking for new members to join them, according to GloucestershireLive.

John, 68, said: "We have been to other clubs, we've been to Cap d'Agde in the South of France, and we've been on a couple of other naturist holidays, but for us, The Pines is home.

Paul Nicholls

"It's not for everybody, simply because there is no running water, there is no electricity, we are in the middle of nowhere."

Helen, 55, hated to wear clothes as a child and became a naturist in 2006, before meeting John in 2011.

You might say John was already well-adjusted to being naked in front of strangers - he used to share communal showers with colleagues during his time in the military.

John, Helen and other members at The Pines don't just laze around naked all day. They are asked to help out with maintenance and upkeep of grounds.

Got to keep the bushes trimmed.

John says he has learned a lot about tree felling, hedge husbandry, wildflowers, and wildlife during his time there.

Protected species of orchids are said to be present on the site so they have to be extra careful when maintaining the land.

You might be thinking, well what's the difference between a naturist and a nudist?

John said: "That's why naturist is probably better terminology than nudist - a nudist is a person who takes their clothes off but is not interested in what's around them.

Paul Nicholls

"For us, there are strict rules on personal hygiene - we take our own chairs and our own towels. If we take our clothes off, we put a towel down on our own chair, to sit on. When we come home, those towels are washed.

"Whereas if you go to some other places, they don't bother about that - it's more of a lifestyle than it is a hobby for us."

Despite their friends and family knowing about their lifestyle, the pair are still met with some misconceptions.

John said: "A lot of my friends go 'Really? I haven't got the body for it' - the body doesn't matter.

"If I can look in the mirror every morning and go 'I'm coming on 69, I'm not bad for a 69-year-old,' then I'm happy."

If you fancy joining John and Helen at The Pines, you can find out more about membership here.

Featured Image Credit: Paul Nicholls