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Impatient Cyclist Who 'Deliberately' Ran Over Girl On Path Refuses To Apologise

Impatient Cyclist Who 'Deliberately' Ran Over Girl On Path Refuses To Apologise

The cyclist seemingly stuck out a knee to knock over the child

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A dad in Belgium has demanded an apology from a cyclist who appeared to deliberately knock over his five-year-old daughter. Watch footage of the incident here:

Patrick Mpasa was on a Christmas Day walk with his family at a nature reserve in Jalhay, in the east of the country, when the unnamed cyclist approached from behind.

In footage of the incident, he can be heard sounding a bell as he gets nearer, but Patrick's wife and daughter Neïa do not pick up on it right away.

Rather than waiting for them to make way, the cyclist squeezes past the child and sticks a knee out as he passes, hitting Neïa in the back and knocking her to the snowy ground.

Patrick - who was filming the incident - contacted the police and pursued the cyclist, but said he showed 'no remorse'.

Patrick said: "He explained what happened and asked us to withdraw the complaint to police, but he showed no remorse and did not apologise.

"What's more, he accused me of being aggressive. He claimed that he had not seen that Neïa had fallen, that he would otherwise have stopped... I have the impression that he thinks it is normal."

The cyclist has not apologised.

Patrick subsequently shared the clip on social media to 'raise awareness' and said he wants an apology from the cyclist.

He said: "A lot of people tell me that I should have hit him, but I don't agree and in any case, I was in front of my children which would have made things even worse for them.

"I also don't want a witch-hunt, I just want him to apologise."

Fortunately, Neïa was not seriously injured, though she felt pain in her back and wrists.

Patrick said: "She fell on her forearms. At first we were afraid that she had broken something, but fortunately that is not the case.

"She does ask herself questions. She said that this man is a bad guy, 'Why did he do that?' [she asks]."

The cyclist has reportedly been identified.

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident and asked anyone with information - or ideally the cyclist himself - to come forward.

On Monday, Sud Info reported that the cyclist had been identified and faces a possible year behind bars for assault and battery on a minor, according to Le Soir.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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