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Google Earth Users Discover 400ft 'Ice Ship' In Antarctica

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Google Earth Users Discover 400ft 'Ice Ship' In Antarctica

Featured Image Credit: YouTube - MrMBB333/Google

Many people have managed to find some odd things on Google Earth over the years, but some users are now claiming to have discovered what they reckon could be a massive 'ice ship' off the coast of Antarctica.

The 400ft-long structure has been analysed by a self-titled 'Earth watchman', who shared a video of the find on his YouTube channel after being sent a tip-off by someone else.

The icy mass bears an uncanny resemblance to a large cruise liner, with what looks like a row of windows and a set of chimneys, feeding into various conspiracy theories about hidden objects and secrets on the continent.

In MrMBB333's video, he hones in on a section of the Antarctic, switching to 3D view to show off the structure in a better angle.

"You look down on it and it looks like the outline of a ship," he says.

"This one here measures over 400ft long - 428ft to be exact.

"Whatever that is, that looks like a ship. An ice ship, whatever you want to call it, that's what it looks like: a 400ft yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica."

Credit: YouTube - MrMBB333/Google
Credit: YouTube - MrMBB333/Google

The YouTuber explains the 'ice ship' sits just below New Zealand, around 100 miles off the shore of Antarctica.

Other YouTube users are equally fascinated by the find, with one commenting on the video: "That does look like a YACHT FOR REAL!!!"

Another wrote: "Omg! I LOVVVVE Antarctica content! One of the MOST Interesting/Mysterious places on this Earth!!"

Credit: YouTube -MrMBB333/Google
Credit: YouTube -MrMBB333/Google

Someone else said: "I have heard people say that after WWII there has been a lot of movement in Antarctica; like military movement, not sure but it would not surprise me. Thank you for sharing such fantastic photos and such interesting and questionable things out there @MrMBB333."

A fourth speculated: "Someone just found Noah's ark."

Elsewhere in the video, @MrMBB333 also discusses other mysterious finds on the continent, including 'what looks like a torpedo' or 'maybe a submarine', which measures 50ft long.

Credit: YouTube - MrMBB333/Google
Credit: YouTube - MrMBB333/Google

"That's as big as a five-storey building," he says.

"At 50ft long it could very well be a small submarine or some sort. Don't know."

He adds that he found that find 'very interesting'. Google Earth is certainly that.

You can watch the full video via YouTube here.

Topics: World News, News, Google Earth, Conspiracy

Jess Hardiman
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