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Heartbreaking Image Shows Firefighter Standing With Koala At South Australian Bushfire

Heartbreaking Image Shows Firefighter Standing With Koala At South Australian Bushfire

The sheer scale of the destruction is shocking

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A heartbreaking image has emerged that encapsulates the horror and devastation being caused by the bushfires that continue to rage in Australia.

In the devastating photo, a firefighter can be seen standing side by side with a koala as both watch the nearby forest burning down around them.

To say that the fires in Australia have been catastrophic is something of an understatement. Over the last few months, more than 1,000 homes have been burned to the ground in New South Wales alone, as well as 1,100 hectares of vineyards in South Australia.

Eden Hills Fire Service/Facebook

Nine people have been killed so far, but it is also feared that around 1,000 koalas have also fallen victim to the fires.

This shocking photograph was shared to Facebook by the Eden Hills County Fire Service. The fire in question was at the Lobethal vineyard to the west of Adelaide.

During their attempts to quell the fires, the fire services have also been attempting to save the wildlife that lives there in the process.

At one of the fires, in Cudlee Creek, they've even been giving out bottled water to the koalas.

That particular fire has already claimed 72 homes, as well as destroying the local environment. Confirming the damage to property, South Australia's Premier Steven Marshall said: This is a very sad day for the people of South Australia as many return to their homes in the Adelaide Hills... and all they find is rubble."


There are 300 firefighters on the ground at the minute, and they're working hard to ensure that the fire doesn't spread any more. It isn't expected to.

However, there are also 2,000 homes in Adelaide Hills without power.

The RSPCA has been sharing photographs of the suffering animals in order to show that the cost of the fires is not solely a human one.

Over in New South Wales, a town has been almost completely destroyed by a fire near to Balmoral. The town was previously home to around 400 people, but now there is very little left.


The village also runs on tank water, which was nearly entirely exhausted due to the sheer size of the fires.

The captain of the Balmoral Rural Fire Brigade said: "It was terrible. We had eight fire appliances dealing with the fire storm and no water left,

"The tanks and town had been drained. We had to wait for another tank to make it in and restock us."

Featured Image Credit: Eden Hills Fire Service/Facebook

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