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Kodak Is Selling The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

Kodak Is Selling The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

It comes with a whopping 51,300 pieces and features some of the most beautiful places around the world

With loads of people in lockdown, quarantine or self-isolation because of the coronavirus, many are trying to find ways to entertain themselves.

Some have tried baking, others are taking a deep dive into streaming services, a portion might be looking into a new language and a few are rediscovering the magic of jigsaw puzzles.

Well, if you've tackled a few puzzles and are looking for a proper challenge, you might be interested in Kodak's absolute monster.

The camera and photography powerhouse has been selling the world's largest jigsaw puzzle set and it's jaw dropping.

Comprising of photos showing the '27 Wonders of the World', this set comes with a casual 51,300 pieces.


It'll set you back a little more than $500 (£400), but can you really put a price on hours and hours (and hours) of fun?

Weighing in at an impressive 18.5 kilograms, the 16.47 square metre puzzle shows off places like Rome's Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Machu Picchu in Peru and India's Taj Mahal.

Puzzle Warehouse says: "These are the brightest, richest, most colourful puzzles yet from Kodak, known for the highest quality imagery and brilliant photography.

"Each of the 27 individual puzzles are bagged separately. Box includes a large reference poster, information about each location and helpful instructions and tips.

"Perfect for a group/family project or the ultimate gift for the wanderlust traveller in your life."


Considering virtually no one around the world is allowed to leave their homes, let alone go travelling, this would be a welcome escape - of sorts - from the confines of your home.

If you're not keen on recreating some of the most amazing places around the world, there are other jigsaw puzzle sets that have captured people's attention.

This 2,000-piece set is completely and utterly blank - like everyone's social calendar.

The puzzle has been made by a Japanese board game company called Beverly and is called 'Pure Hell'.

OK, putting together a 2,000 piece jigsaw with absolutely no idea which piece goes where - and no real way to find out - does sound pretty hellish, that's for sure.

Beverly Japan

It's almost as if they don't want you to actually buy and attempt this horrendous task. On the box, it bears warnings such as 'the great king of hell has arrived' and 'please do not buy this if you are a beginner'.

Well, you'd have to be a pretty serious puzzle-head to even think that this was possible. That, or you'd have to have more patience than the entire population of the world combined.

It costs ¥3,300, if by some absolute fluke you really want to buy this, that's the best part of £25 ($31). You'll probably also have to get it imported from Japan, as well.

But if you wanted to up the stakes a bit, then this clear set will keep you entertained.


An Etsy shop called LittleFlowerPotShop is selling a jigsaw puzzle that is completely clear and comes with absolutely no point of reference to work with.

There are four different versions to choose from, and - thank your lucky stars - none of them are as fiendish as the 2,000 piece Japanese blank canvas one.

This puzzle comes in levels of difficulty that range from nine pieces, up through 25 pieces, to the hard version consisting of 49, and the 'crazy' version which has 144 tiny see-through pieces.

To be quite honest, you might be as well get a large piece of transparent plastic and bash it up with a hammer.

Featured Image Credit: Kodak

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