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Man Climbs Out Of Tram Window To Avoid Paying Fare

Man Climbs Out Of Tram Window To Avoid Paying Fare

He even flicked the ticket inspector the middle finger as he fleed, jumping down onto the road

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Footage captures the moment a fare dodger escaped through the window of a tram after spotting a ticket inspector - even flicking them the finger as he fled, jumping down onto the road. Watch below:

The cheeky passenger had been approached by the ticket inspector while riding a tram in the city of Cherkasy in the Ukrainian federal subject of Cherkasy Oblast.

But when the inspector had asked the man if he was paying the fare, he managed to clamber through the open window to evade confrontation.

The whole thing was caught on camera on a mobile phone, as passengers on the tram watched on.


The video was shared online by Taras Khvyl, who wrote on Facebook on 16 April: "This is how violators run away before the police arrive."

In the clip, which has more than 100 likes and has been shared 162 times, we see the young man get stuck briefly as he tries to slide through the small opening.

He eventually managed to make it out of the tram's window, carefully climbing down the side of the tram before jumping down on to the ground.

He then looks back up to the tram and shows his middle finger to the ticket inspector.


Local news outlet Unian reported that the police were called to the scene.

After the clip was posted on Facebook, social media users commented to say that the man may have been drunk, with many agreeing that what he did was inappropriate.

However, some people showed their support for the unnamed man, with one writing: "Maybe he had no money. And maybe they closed the door, and they didn't let him out. So he found a way out. I support him for his entrepreneurial spirit."


The police have not yet issued a statement saying whether or not the man has been identified.

Recently, a UK bus driver shared a TikTok video about all the different types of passengers she picks up - thankfully, bloke-clambering-out-of-the-window-so-he-doesn't-have-to-pay didn't feature on her list.

Jodie Leigh shares funny videos from her job to her TikTok account, having recently given a run down on some of the characters she regularly sees.

Offering her own impression of each type of individual, Jodie says: "So you've got 'the quick tapper' that don't even tap, you've got the 'sneaky on the back door', yeah I see ya.

"Then you've got 'take your time, love', 'obsessed with the driver', you've got 'the runner that don't even say thank you, and then, you've got 'the one that wants to go one stop but goes about 15'."

In a separate video, the 24-year-old elaborated on some of the other character she sees on a day-to-day basis.

She says: "So you've got 'the one who's always on the phone' - just put your phone down, love, I ain't got all day.

"Then you've got 'the rude boy' - yeah, bad man out here.

"Then you've got 'the one who can't get on the bus, even though the bus is lowered', and then you've got 'the one who moans about the bus being too far away'."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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