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​Man Uses CCTV To Shame Owners Who Left Dog Poo In Front Of His House

​Man Uses CCTV To Shame Owners Who Left Dog Poo In Front Of His House

A man has set up a CCTV camera to catch the dog owners that have been letting their dogs defecate in front of his house - and leaving it. I know, fair dos, right?


Steve Tamblyn set up a security camera to catch them in the act, infuriated by the dog poo that kept being left on the grass in front of his home.

He's since posted video footage shaming one dog owner online, asking anyone who recognised them to remind them to 'pick up their dog's turd in front of my house'.

He added: "Just because it's 6.47am doesn't mean no one is watching."

In the footage you can see the dog squat down on the patch of grass to do the dirty. Eventually the pooch walks on without a care in the world - as does the owner.


"We went through the CCTV footage and located the culprit," he told 7News Adelaide.

It was then that Steve decided he would print off a photo of the woman and put it at the scene of the crime.

The woman's identity, however, remains a mystery.

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"I don't know whether she's seen it and decided to take an alternate route with her walks," Steve laughed, suggesting maybe she's even 'cleared out of the suburb' completely.

Credit: 7News
Credit: 7News

Maybe Steve was just worried he'd end up like one woman in the UK, who was fined £860 last year for having too much dog poo in her garden.

The 34-year-old woman was initially given a community protection noticed and told to clean the garden up, but failed to act on it - meaning she was then taken to court.

Prosecutor Kirsty Messenger said: "The local authority has a duty of care to protect people from anti-social behaviour.

"An environmental officer was on patrol when they found a bin on the public highway on the incorrect day and dog faeces in the back yard. Council tax records found Ria Parks as the liable party.

"A letter was sent to the defendant and further inspections took place later in the year."

Chris Oldfield and environmental crime officer in Stoke, where the woman lives, said: "In this case there was an accumulation of dog mess in the garden.

"We dealt with that because it was an environmental crime, and as you can imagine, if you were her neighbour you wouldn't like it.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy on such issues. It certainly creates a nuisance to neighbours."

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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