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​Man Wears Wig And Dress To Sit Girlfriend’s Exam For Her

​Man Wears Wig And Dress To Sit Girlfriend’s Exam For Her

Khadim Mboup, 22, managed to get away with sitting three days of tough English examinations on her behalf

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A man in Senegal dressed up as his girlfriend so he could sit her exam for her - donning a wig and headscarf to impersonate his other half.

Student Khadim Mboup, 22, may not look anything like his girlfriend, but he managed to get away with sitting three days of tough English examinations on her behalf.

Incredibly, it wasn't until the fourth day that he was caught, and their cunning plan was found out.

His girlfriend, 19-year-old Gangue Dioum, was taking her exams for high school graduation, but was worried she could fail English.

Gangue Dioum (left) disguised as his girlfriend Gangue Dioum (right).

Mboup, who attended the Gaston Berger University near the city of Saint Louis, decided to he wanted to help, and the couple reportedly hatched a plan together for him to sit the exams for Dioum, over the course of several days.

He stepped into her shoes - literally - along with the rest of her clothing,

According to local media, he wore a wig, headscarf, dress, bra, earrings and makeup to make him look like his girlfriend.

For three days, it seemed like their bold plan was working, but eventually Mboup's stunt backfired badly for the pair.


He was confronted by an exam monitor on the fourth day, after they noticed something suspicious about his appearance at the time.

The monitor then called the local police, who arrested Mboup.

News site iHarare reports that, under questioning, he implicated his girlfriend, leading officers to where she was staying.

Mboup told police he had 'acted out of love', as his teenage partner had 'serious difficulties' with English.


The couple have since been charged with examination fraud and forgery, and now face being banned from taking part in any national exams for up to five years.

They could also be fined and jailed for up to five years if convicted, as the investigation continues.

Still, at least Mboup's disguise was slightly more convincing than this guy's:

A Colombian man travelling from Bogota to Barcelona was stopped by Spanish police when they noticed him looking nervous after his flight had landed, attracting the attention of the authorities.

When they questioned him, they noticed the hair piece he was wearing under his hat looked disproportionately big. On closer inspection, the police noticed that he had a package stuck to his head that contained around €30,000 (£25,500) of cocaine.

He had perched the toupee over the package and put it under his hat in an attempt to disguise the drugs.

A police statement said: "There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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