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Model Can't Get Get 'Normal' Job Due To ‘Being So Hot’

Model Can't Get Get 'Normal' Job Due To ‘Being So Hot’

She was working at a school teaching history, but said she was forced to quit when management found out she also had an OnlyFans account

A model has claimed she can't get a 'normal' job because 'being so hot' means interviewers are often intimated by her.

Amy Kupps, 32, had been working at a school teaching history to 13-14-year-olds, but says she was forced to quit when management found out she also had an OnlyFans account on the go.

Since then, she's struggled to find what others tend to consider a more conventional job. She said: "Being so hot has always been a bit of an issue for me but I think now I've become so confident in myself I'm too intimidating for the guys who interview me.

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"Prior to teaching I went for an interview for a job in a store and the manager had me come to his office.

"When I sat down, he did a double-take and got all flustered.

"He kept staring at my chest and face, sweating uncontrollably and shaking and couldn't think of questions to ask me.

"After a while the manager said he had to go to the toilet and when he stood up there was a huge bulge in his pants.

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"When he came back, he abruptly ended the interview by saying I wasn't qualified but 'had I ever considered modelling' as he thought I'd be good at that."

Kupps, who is from North Carolina, wasn't too gutted at being turned down, saying she found the whole thing 'hilarious'.

However, now she wants to find more permanent work to go alongside her modelling job.

She explained: "I love doing OnlyFans and looking like a brunette Barbie but I have to find a real job for the health insurance since I'm not teaching.

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"It's just the reality."

Kupps hopes to take her enhanced chest from a 34DD to 34FF, but worries that this may make her problem worse.

She said: "Every time I have an interview with a male employer they end up stuttering through the chat, have to 'excuse' themselves or just stare.

"Often, men I encounter have those instant reactions.

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"They become suddenly sweaty, nervous, blush and at times they are adjusting themselves through the pockets of their trousers.

"I tried for a job at a car dealership recently and one of the mechanics was staring at me while moving a client's Mercedes and smashed it right into the garage shop door."

Jam Press

Kupps added: "It makes me feel even more confident knowing that my body has this effect on people - it's almost like I cast a spell!

"It is tough not finding work after my teaching career ended but my OnlyFans has helped with that a bit.

"It does feel a bit discouraging at times that I'm only being judged on my looks.

"I mean, I am super smart but guys can't get past my tiny waist, large enhanced bust and enhanced lips."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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