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People Are Absolutely Fuming Over Jamie Oliver’s Proposal To Scrap Two For One Pizzas

People Are Absolutely Fuming Over Jamie Oliver’s Proposal To Scrap Two For One Pizzas

Whether you're just really hungry or you and a mate are looking for a meal on the cheap, it's hard to go past a two-for-one pizza deal.

Sure, they're not the healthiest thing on the menu, it allows people to eat on the cheap. But it seems as though that could all be a thing of the past in Scotland if Jamie Oliver gets his way.

Most of us aren't over the loss of our beloved Turkey Twizzlers and if this proposal went through there would be a hell of a lot of angry people who want to get their hands on the Naked Chef.


After meeting with Nicola Sturgeon, Jamie's plans to free the world of childhood obesity seem to have rubbed off a bit on the First Minister of Scotland.

The two met to discuss how to stop young kids from getting overweight and Nicola vowed to bin off out cut-price unhealthy meals.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Nicola plans to get rid of cheap food deals with a high content of fat, salt or sugar, meaning that not only could 2-4-1 pizzas be on the chopping block but also any other dinner-time staples that might have too much fat and salt.


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Of course, the internet had a lot to say, with angry Scots taking to Twitter to vent their frustration at the plans, which will be published this summer.


Jamie Oliver Is Back On The Warpath And This Time He's Taking On Sugar

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One Twitter user declared: "Sorry Jamie Oliver but if we are in the mood to smash a Domino's pizza once in a while, that's our decision and we shouldn't be penalised for a treat. Banning 241 isn't a solution - let's start with making healthy food more affordable and decent food technology classes in schools!"

Another added that this isn't an attack on obesity but on low-socioeconomic families: "These 2 for 1 deals are some family's treat night and makes it affordable for them to have pizza night with their kids.

"Not up to him to make people's choices for them. Should concentrate on himself and own family." (sic)


People have also been quick to point out that the celebrity chef's food suggestions aren't always healthy.

The Sun reported that there's a milkshake featured on Jamie Oliver's website that could be an example of the very problem he's campaigning against.

With a whopping 46 teaspoons of sugar - the equivalent of 186g - the Cookies and Cream drink contains more than six times the daily sugar allowance for a child.

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