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Boy, 11, Compared To Kevin McCallister After Fighting Off Intruder With Machete While Home Alone

Boy, 11, Compared To Kevin McCallister After Fighting Off Intruder With Machete While Home Alone

He hit the robber when he was threatened with a gun

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Home Alone is a top film. You have to suspend your belief in reality of course, you can't actually think a kid could fight off robbers and defend his house on his own, could you?

Well, you were wrong - a brave 11-year-old boy has been compared to Kevin McCallister after he stopped an intruder by using a machete while he was on his own.

The boy, Braydon Smith was talking on the phone to his mum when the robber broke in to his house.

The suspect climbed in through the window of his mum and dad's house, in North Carolina, on Friday morning.

Named as 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall, the suspected burglar tried to enter the house but came face-to-face with Braydon - who was not going to let him get away with it.

Jataveon Dashawn Hall, 19, has been named as the suspect.
Orange County Detention Center

Hall allegedly threatened the child with the family's pellet gun and ordered him to get into a closet. But little Braydon thought on his feet. Knowing that the gun was unloaded, he decided he was having absolutely none of it.

Explaining the incident to WTVD, Braydon said: "He went into the living room to grab my phone to make sure I didn't call the 911 or anything.

"When I saw him try to put it in his pocket. I grabbed my machete off of my wall and went to hit him. I hit him in the back of the head like right here.

"It went by really fast. I knew I didn't have the time to think about what I was going to do. I just grabbed a weapon in the house and acted with it."

According to reports, Braydon had bought the machete with gift cards he'd received, and usually used it to cut down trees - not threaten home intruders.

He also had some helpful advice for the robber. He added: "You shouldn't have done what you've done.

"You're better off to get a job than breaking into other people's houses."

Braydon has been compared to Home Alone's Kevin McCallister.
Hughes Entertainment

Very wise words, Braydon.

His dad said he'd taught Braydon how to defend his house after their home was broken into previously. Speaking on what he'd told him to do, he said: "If they come in the door, you let 'em have it.

"Always have your kids prepared for everything."

The alleged robber has been charged with breaking and entering, second degree kidnapping, interfering with emergency communications and assault on a child under 12 - he appears in court on Tuesday.

Featured Image Credit: WFMY News 2

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