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Security Guard Who Fought Off Robbers Speaks Out About Dramatic Chase

Security Guard Who Fought Off Robbers Speaks Out About Dramatic Chase

He's said he just 'did what was expected' of him

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

The South African security guard who was filmed on dashcam footage driving through a hail of bullets has said he just 'did what was expected' of him. You can watch the nail-biting footage below, but be warned, it contains strong language:

The shocking footage showed ex-police snipper Leo Prinsloo, 48, and his colleague fend off an attempted heist of the high-value cargo they were escorting in the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser.

In the clip, would-be raiders ram the truck, hitting it from the side, while Leo desperately tries to drive off.

The attempted armed robbers then open fire on the truck, firing more than 30 bullets at the vehicle with one even shattering the driver's side window.

Yet, somewhat miraculously, Leo remains pretty calm about the whole thing and manages to get out of the dangerous situation.

The car's window shattered by bullets.

Despite being hailed as a hero online, firearms expert has downplayed his heroics, saying he and his colleague simply did what was expected of them.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: "I cannot say much as an investigation is underway but I and my fellow guard did what was expected of us. They needed to take us out so they could take out the cargo vehicle.

"But there was no way I was going to let that happen and unfortunately I did not have a chance to return fire."

Police spokesman Brigadier Vish Naidoo said: "The suspects in two cars fired many shots at a security vehicle in a convoy in an attempt to stop it during a high-speed chase in Pretoria.


"The driver of the vehicle managed to evade the robbers but later stopped and got out to wait for the robbers but they fled instead. No arrests have been made as of yet."

The dashcam footage went viral over the weekend with social media users horrified by the incident, but seriously impressed by how Leo handled it.

One wrote: "This team is brilliant; if one of them panicked we would be discussing something else."

Another said: "They live and work like this every single day.

"Thank God that they are level-headed, cool and calm.

"This is an underpaid and thankless job with very little work comforts. Respect for our people is key."

A third commented: "The bravery and composure of the driver is unmatched. Big ups."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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