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'Time Traveller From 2027' Posts Video 'Proving He's The Last Person On Earth'

'Time Traveller From 2027' Posts Video 'Proving He's The Last Person On Earth'

The self-proclaimed time traveller has yet again issued a bid to prove to fellow TikTokers that his claims are real.

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

A TikTok 'time traveller' has yet again shared a video with his six million followers in a bid to prove his claims about being the last person on Earth are, in fact, true. Watch a clip of a lifeless 'secret passageway' in Barcelona below:

So, if you happened to be the last living being on Earth, what would you do?

You might go rob a bank or take a trip to the cinema without paying for a ticket.

Well, Javier's mission is to do neither. His only mission is to seemingly 'prove the haters wrong'.

The TikToker (@unicosobreviviente) has been repeatedly slammed by users for posting 'fake' videos on his page, however, this time he's given it his best shot to show that he really is the only survivor on Earth... after a mass extinction, of course.

As shown in the viral post, Javier took a video from the last floor of a Barcelona hotel he's staying at, which, at first glance, actually looked like an aerial shot of an abandoned city, as he promised.


"Waking up, everything changes place" Javier captioned the clip.

"I am trapped between 2021 and 2027. I am in a world parallel to yours."

While the footage continues to play, it's hard to argue with him... well, for about 1 second until a bird suddenly looks to be flying across the top of a building.

I mean, it could quite easily be a battery powered bird drone to be fair, where plenty 'have seemingly been spotted in America'.

Well, unfortunately, it seems as if the comments section didn't see it that way and people were quick to point the finger at the TikToker's claims.

One user simply wrote: "He forgot to edit the bird."

"I see the bird," someone else added.

A third commented: "There is a bird at the beginning of the video."

"This is Barcelona without Messi," another person joked.


And this isn't the first time the so-called time traveller has been caught out by his followers.

Javier posted a night-time version of the video a day before he posted his latest one, and users pointed out how there wasn't a red car in the night video, which was pretty visible in the day-time one.

A final user concluded: "Red car missing.

"Ladies and gentleman... we got em."

Despite his attempt to prove to people he is the last known survivor of humankind hasn't totally worked, he still managed to rack up 1.4 million views in one day, whilst sharing it with millions of his followers.

If you ask me, that's mission accomplished.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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