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'Time Traveller' Reveals When Aliens Will First Land On Earth

'Time Traveller' Reveals When Aliens Will First Land On Earth

Looks like we need to prepare ourselves, as a man from the future reckons he's got the info we need

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

A self-proclaimed 'time traveller' has revealed when aliens will embark on planet earth, and he's posted his findings to TikTok. Watch his ominous prediction in the clip below:

Yep, TikToker @futuretimetraveller has provided us with some handy answers to important questions.

For starters, it looks as though our new alien pals will be very tall - '7 foot 4', to be precise, and for context that's more than half a foot taller than Peter Crouch. They will also have 'long shaped skulls', apparently, with a 'dark grey' complexion and 'distorted appearance'.

Disappointingly, the video shows us no photographic evidence of the aliens, and instead settles for a backdrop of the sky with some text over the top.

Well, I suppose he's a bit too busy to bother with a camera lens, what with going back and forth across time and all that. I'm amazed he managed to find time to set up a TikTok account, to be honest.

At least he's considerate enough to let us know the date of their arrival, though. The text in the video reads: "Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year.

"The exact date they are first sighted is May 24th 2022."

Seemingly anticipating doubt, given the scarcity of aliens in 2021, @futuretimetraveller explains: "From my time there are many different Aliens and they actually live on Earth as citizens in the future."

The 'Time Traveller' also says the US ends up attacking the aliens, hence leading to one of 'many interdimensional wars'.

Probably the most important question in all this is whether the aliens are planning to harm the human race in any way... but the TikToker reassures us: "This group of Aliens are called Nirons and come in peace and don't mean to harm."

Well, that's always good to know!


The video has thus far racked up 91.9k views, although some users were quick to question the astonishing claims.

One person commented: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."

While a second user believes they've seen a loophole, writing: "So. If you are a time traveller...why are you coming back here to tell us? Wouldn't you telling us change the future? All it takes is one small detail."

Lastly a third concluded: "Can you prove to me you are actually a legit time traveler? Like what is the next upcoming tradegy/event that will come this year?"

Although @futuretimetraveller didn't answer these questions directly, he has tackled some of his FAQs from TikTok followers.

One person posed the question: "Do we win the first Interdimensional War?".

However, @futuretimetraveller alarmingly replied: "No"

Another asked: "Are there superpowers in the future?"

The response here is fascinating, as the time traveller said: "Yes, you can rent them."

I can't wait to tell my future grandkids.

At least one follower got to grips with the important issues, writing: "What time and planet are you from?"

The answer, intriguingly, was: "I am from the year 2491 and I was born on Saturn (I'm still human)."

So basically, don't put your alien-related blame on him.

Copy: Anish Vij

Featured Image Credit: Credit 20th Century Fox

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