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Uni Student Defends Downing Two Litres Of Jack Daniels In 18 Seconds

Uni Student Defends Downing Two Litres Of Jack Daniels In 18 Seconds

Social media users condemning the dangerous stunt

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A student who was branded 'reckless' after sharing footage of himself downing almost two litres of Jack Daniels in 18 seconds has attempted to defend the dangerous stunt.

Shocking footage showed Jaleb Gann at a party last week wearing a University of Kansas shirt and holding on to a 1.75-litre bottle of Jack Daniels.

After removing the bottle's top, he popped a straw into and started to chugg while a crowd of onlookers watched.

One woman could be heard saying: "Don't do it, Jaleb." while others cheered him on.

He finished the bottle, which contained around 70 units of alcohol, within 18 seconds.

After it was shared on TikTok, Jaleb's actions were condemned with many calling him out for his reckless behaviour.

Kennedy News and Media

One person wrote: "The fact that it's 2021 and people are still doing this after numerous deaths from people doing this says a lot."

Another said: "RIP to your kidneys and liver. Wish I had working kidneys but not to do this with them lol. Don't ever take health for granted."

However, Jaleb has since tried to defend the video, saying: "It's not the best idea for me to be bragging about it on TikTok. But like I tell most people, it's not cool but it is impressive. Not many people can chug that much even with water.

"It definitely is dangerous, it's a dangerous move. I've been drinking like crazy this last year and I've casually been building it up and made it to 1.75 litres and now I've got it.

"It wasn't really a target. At first I never knew I could drink that much. Once I realised I could just keep adding more and more then it was like 'how much could I reach?'. Once I made it, it was a big deal.

"With my science background I am concerned about what the chugging does [to my health] but regardless I've been doing it since Halloween this year.

Kennedy News and Media

He added: "There is a worry that younger people will try and repeat it [after watching my TikTok] because this is a world record feat. It's not an average person type feat.

"If somebody were to die from it, I would feel terrible but I can't control what everybody does.

"I do see possibly the record being broken one day. If someone were to try it, that is quite scary, especially if they think they're going to do it on their first try ever.

"As of right now, I hold the world record so I plan on stopping. It depends on if that record gets broken and how old I am and if I feel like doing it any more.

Kennedy News and Media

"Another guy drank 95 percent of a 1.75ml in 30 seconds so didn't even manage to finish the full thing. I consider myself to be the fastest to do it as I finished the whole thing in 18 seconds.

"And I'm the youngest to ever do it too."

The University of Kansas has been approached for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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