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Declassified Documents Suggest CIA Observed 'Life On Mars' In 1984


Declassified Documents Suggest CIA Observed 'Life On Mars' In 1984

Humanity's fascination with the planet Mars reaches another stage today, as NASA's Perseverance rover looks set to land on the red planet in an attempt to look for clues of its ancient past. But wait - has this mission already been carried out by the CIA back in 1984? Watch below:


Several amateur researchers, including Taylor Thomas (above) have posted online about a declassified CIA document from 1984 that suggests the United States' Central Intelligence Agency may have observed ancient life on Mars, via the unlikely means of astral projection.

To try and explain that a bit, it means that someone was able to intentionally have an out-of-body experience in order to witness a specific point in time - in this case on the planet Mars.


Sounds implausible? Granted, but the document, titled Mars Exploration: May 22, 1984, suggests that it may be true, as it documents an interview in which an unnamed 'Subject' speaks to an also-anonymous 'Monitor'.

It includes a note that says the Subject was given a note in a sealed envelope 'immediately prior to interview' with an which they had been instructed not to open.

There then follows a transcript of the interview, during which the Subject only had verbal access to 'selected geographic coordinates, provided by the parties requesting the information'.

NASA illustration of the Perseverance rover. Credit: PA
NASA illustration of the Perseverance rover. Credit: PA

It suggests that the subject can see images of ancient life on Mars. At one point, they say: "I'm seeing, ah ... It's like a perception of a shadow of people, very tall ... thin, it's only a shadow. It's as if they were there and they're not, not there anymore."

The Monitor then tells them: "Go back to a period of time where they are there," suggesting that the subject is moving through various time and space co-ordinates.

"I just keep seeing very large people," the Subject says at another point. "They appear thin and tall, but they're very large. Ah ... wearing some kind of strange clothes."

They go on to describe visions such as a large 'obelisk' that reminds them of the Washington Monument, as well as 'pyramids ... like shelters from storms'.


Of the people they supposedly encounter once again, the Subject says: "They're an ancient people. They're ah ... they're dying, it's past their time or age."

As for the note in that sealed envelope? The document eventually tells us what that contained too. It reads:

"The planet Mars.
Time of interest approximately
1 million years B.C."

Put it all together, and you get an account of someone using astral projection to observe activity on Mars at least one million years ago. Beyond spooky.

Credit: OSIRIS (Creative Commons)
Credit: OSIRIS (Creative Commons)

Now, it's impossible to verify, but the Subject claimed that habitability was lost when the planet encountered a 'geological problem' and this has been backed up by more recent research.

Understandably, though, people are sceptical.

On a video discussing the document posted on TikTok, one user replied: "Yo CIA can you pay me while I imagine what Mars looked like one million years ago too?"


Another said: "Remote viewing has been proven false. Human beings have wild imaginations."

On Reddit meanwhile, where the documents are also being discussed, one person commented: "Snowden said there's no aliens. Next conspiracy."

While another said: "We won't know until Elon gets us there."

Nevertheless, whatever may or may have not happened 37 years ago, today's Mars landing has the potential to be very exciting indeed.

Featured Image Credit: NASA

Topics: Science, mars, Weird, space

Simon Catling
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