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​Wife Refuses To Kiss Husband In Mornings As He Drinks His Own Urine

​Wife Refuses To Kiss Husband In Mornings As He Drinks His Own Urine

John keeps his urine for about six to 12 months before using it

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

People will go to seriously extreme lengths for their health and fitness - going to the gym every day, avoiding caffeine or, worse yet, cutting out carbs.

But one man has taken it to an unexpected new level, as he swears by drinking his own urine. Yep, his very own piss.

Dora Moniz-DePass, the wife of the former Mr Universe competitor, said she's so grossed-out by his unusual habit that she refuses to kiss him in the mornings - which is understandable, really.

Her 46-year-old husband, John, swapped eating food and drinking for his own urine five days a week, which is something that left Dora, 45, 'disgusted' and 'mortified'.

He also admitted to drinking and bathing in his year-old urine that he'd been stashing in the fridge - but Dora's since banished him to the bathroom for his breakfast, where he sips on his urine from beakers.

John and wife Dora.
Kennedy News

John had previously gone for a 'fruitarian' lifestyle - which involved eating only fruit - but has taken it that step further by trying to cut out food altogether.

Mum-of-three and detox specialist Dora has finally accepted John's way of life, but still refuses to kiss him until evening arrives if he's been getting high on his own supply, and makes him brush his teeth beforehand.

Dora, who hails from Ontario, Canada, said: "My initial reaction was total disgust. The urine was in my fridge and that's not okay with me.

"John didn't tell me he was into urine therapy until I smelt it and saw it. I was mortified.

"I thought it was a phase he was going through but then it became his lifestyle.

"I was quite mean to him for about six months because of the smell.

John DePass enjoying a cup of urine.
Kennedy News and Media

"It's really quite horrendous because it's aged urine. He keeps it for about six to 12 months before using it.

"He bathes in it too. The smell is quite aggressive for about 10 minutes and we do fight about it a lot.

"But he knows now that when he does take a urine shower he must open the windows, put the fans on - he knows what has to happen.

"He takes the urine showers about four days a week that I know of, but he's in the basement so it could be more.

"I think he knows it's not great for me. And he won't kiss me if he's had urine - he can't. That just can't happen.

"I love nice smells and cleanliness, so it's hard to kiss him without having that fear of smelling urine.

"He would have to have it in the morning then kiss me in the evening when there's no smell.

"But I guess there's worse things he could be doing, so I no longer hassle him about it."

John says his unusual diet has made him feel more 'energetic'.
Kennedy News

When he was at the height of his bodybuilding career, weight loss coach John weighed a whopping 220lb, packing in the calories and high protein foods to build muscle.

After settling down with Dora, he weighed 180lbs, but has now dropped to 130lbs after adopting his new diet, which involves five days without food. He also apparently consumes less than 3,000 calories a week - which, in case you didn't know, isn't great.

To try and get rid of that well-known but not well-loved urine stench, Dora fills the house with fragrance diffusers and candles to mask the smell of her husband's favourite drink for her and her family.

Dora said: "I'm a Chanel girl - I love the floral smells and I was really quite astonished and taken aback about the smell.

"It's still quite challenging for me as a mum of teenager girls and trying to hide the smell from them.

"They don't see it because he has it in the bathroom, but they don't like the smell.

Dora may not like John's unusual habit, but she has accepted it.
Kennedy News

"I mask it now by buying diffusers and candles around the house. I do that to make it more helpful for the girls to get used to.

"The kids want to have that normal lifestyle so I do buy the candles and all that stuff.

"John believes in this so I support him by buying all the candles and things.

"I have to support him - it's not ideal but I can't argue with him anymore about it. I'm just really glad to have my energetic, happy husband back.

"He is trying to not have food at all - he's trying to go no food. But I'm not there yet - I don't think I'll ever be there."

John says his new approach to diet has left him feeling healthier and more energetic than ever, but he's still determined to cut out food completely and even preaches about it online.

John said: "My wife has gotten over her initial disgust, distaste and judgement of me, and has come to see how [drinking urine and unfooding] has benefited my life.

"Although she's not joining me in a drink, she's no longer being an additional resistance.

"A couple of years ago I began to reduce my meat and noticed changes right away. The pain I had experienced started to reduce almost within a day or two.

"I slept better, felt better. My body is now more lively, energetic, vibrant.

"I'm able to communicate better, I'm able to express myself better. I'm more self aware and sleeping better. I can breathe more deeply.

"I still think that eating is our biggest way of interacting, so I like to get together with my family and eat alongside them on Sundays."

Rather you than me, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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