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Woman Has Heart Attack After Dry-Scooping Pre-Workout

Jess Hardiman


Woman Has Heart Attack After Dry-Scooping Pre-Workout

A woman has shared her cautionary tale about taking a 'dry pre workout scoop' on TikTok, revealing that she ended up in hospital after suffering a heart attack.


TikTok user Briatney (@brivtny) posted a video recently, which showed her lying in a bed wearing a hospital gown.

She wrote: "Taking a dry pre workout scoop bc I saw it trending on TikTok... Ending up in the hospital because I had a heart attack."

Her video has racked up more than two million views, 300,000 likes and thousands of comments - including messages from some people who believed she'd made the whole thing up.

Credit: TikTok/@brivtny
Credit: TikTok/@brivtny

However, in a follow-up video - which showed her still lying in a hospital bed surrounded by equipment - Briatney wrote: "Idk why ppl think I'd cap about heart attack on this app ya annoying asf I'm just tryna help ppl not make the same mistake I did."

Speaking to BuzzFeed about her ordeal, Briatney said she started to feel 'tingly and itchy' all over her body after taking the pre-workout, adding that it 'wasn't a good feeling'.

She explained: "But I Googled it and it said that was a normal side effect.

[...]. So I began to do my workout.

"I started to feel a heavy feeling in my chest and slight pain, but it wasn't too bad. I thought it was maybe anxiety or a bad panic attack, so I decided to just ignore it and push through my workout."

Credit: TikTok/@brivtny
Credit: TikTok/@brivtny

Her chest pain eventually eased, but then she started feeling severely nauseous and light-headed, and went home to shower.

After beginning to feel better, she left for her job as an exotic dancer, which was when things became worse again.

Briatney said: "In the locker room of my job, I started getting hot, even though it was cold in there.

[...] I started sweating a lot and was drenched even though I was wearing a bikini. Then my chest pain came back and this time it was more intense.

"The pain went to my back and to my left arm and my left arm went slightly limp, so I knew those were symptoms of a heart attack. I called 911 and the ambulance came."

At hospital, it was determined that she had suffered from a NSTEMI (non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction), a type of heart attack that's less damaging than a STEMI.

Credit: TikTok/@brivtny
Credit: TikTok/@brivtny

Doctors told her to stay away from caffeine and to watch what she takes, especially pre-workout, as this isn't regulated by the FDA.

Briatney added: "They said I was OK to work out within 3-4 days after my hospitalization and to start watching my heart rate on either a Fitbit or a smart watch."

Dr. Nicole Harkin, a cardiologist based in San Fransisco, told the outlet that she was sceptical about some of the ingredients in pre-workout, which typically contains 'a massive amount of caffeine', artificial dyes, sweeteners and emulsifiers.

"Taking such a large amount at once could certainly be detrimental to the body, by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure acutely," she said, adding that we often have 'no idea' what is in pre-workout supplements, as they are not regulated.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@brivtny

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Jess Hardiman
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