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Woman Smashes Up Check-In Desk Computer After Missing Flight

Woman Smashes Up Check-In Desk Computer After Missing Flight

The shocking incident was filmed by a member of staff

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Travelling can be pretty stressful, with delayed flights, the panic that you've forgot something, luggage being overweight all through the haze of a couple of airport pints.

However, one woman took the whole thing too far by smashing up the check-in desk computer after she turned up late and missed her flight.

The shocking moment was caught on camera by an airport worker at the Jose Maria Cordova airport in Rionegro, Antioquia.

In the clip the woman, who was reportedly drunk, was less than happy when she was informed she'd missed her flight but instead of accepting her bad fortune she began to kick off big style.

The airline told local media that the woman, who hasn't been named, turned up at the airport half an hour after boarding closed for her flight.

The clip shows the woman standing at the customer service desk, talking to a member of staff before she becomes a bit more animated and then leans over and picks up a monitor.

The woman arrived half an hour late for flight.

She lifts the screen into the air, before heaving it across the floor. She then walks over to a second screen and knocks it over.

She appears to be a bit camera-shy and tries to cover her face, while the airport worker continues to film her.

The woman says 'son of a bitch' as she walks over to the man who is filming her outrageous behaviour and seemingly tries to give him a slap.

Towards the end of the recording a man in a uniform appears and tries to restrain her as she lashes out. Other members of staff can be seen gathering around as the continues to kick up a fuss.

She was reportedly arrested by police at the scene.

According to reports in local media, the woman was arrested by cops at the scene. It has since been reported she was later released, and VivaAir, the airline involved, has said it will report the incident to prosecutors.

VivaAir said: "She was a passenger on the flight 8054 flying the route MDE-BOG (Jose Maria Cordova airport to Bogota) scheduled for 11.40 am.

"The passenger arrived at 12.10 pm which caused her to miss the flight as she did not arrive in time. After missing her flight, she appeared at our sales point and spoke to our staff aggressively."

Featured Image Credit: CEN