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​YouTuber Slammed For ‘Disgusting’ Video Pranking Walmart Employee

​YouTuber Slammed For ‘Disgusting’ Video Pranking Walmart Employee

YouTuber Lauren Love posed as the CEO of Walmart and led an employee into thinking she'd been fired

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A YouTuber has been slammed for a 'disgusting' prank video, in which she posed as a Walmart CEO and led an employee to believe they've been fired and reduced her to tears.

The video, which has now been deleted from YouTube, was titled 'CEO Firing People Prank IN THE HOOD (GONE WRONG)', and was uploaded by YouTubers Lauren Love and Joel Ashley, who have more than 1.3 million subscribers on their joint channel, Joel and Lauren TV.

In the video, Love donned a blue Walmart smock and walked over to a female employee, claiming to be the CEO of the American discount shop.

YouTubers Lauren Love and Joel Ashley regularly film prank videos together.

"I'm the CEO of this," Love said, telling an employee that they weren't in the correct 'area' of the Texas store.

"I'm in charge now and I don't appreciate the way you're working so I'm going to need to see your badge and vest," Love said.

The employee then did as she was told, slowly putting down the box she was holding and removing her vest.

Love then ended the video by saying: "I hope you guys enjoyed this video. It was honestly hilarious. It turned out really well."

She added: "The last one was, honestly, I felt so bad. She started crying."

Lauren Love posing as the CEO of Walmart.

Click2Houston reports that the employee is Maria Leones, who has worked at Walmart for six years.

Originally from the Philippines, Leones moved to the United States to be with her children and grandchildren.

"Really, I was really so crushed, I felt so little, I felt so powerless," Leones told Click2Housteon.

"At that very moment, I felt so little, because back home I had a very good reputation because I'm a professor."

Leones explained her husband of 43 years recently suffered a heart attack and had to undergo a quadruple bypass - meaning her job was covering his medical expenses.

She continued: "At that moment, I thought about my husband, my husband."

It turns out others also didn't see the funny side to Love's prank - including Walmart, which said in a statement that 'several' actions have been taken.

"This prank is offensive and the people responsible are no longer welcome in our stores," the company said in a statement.

"We've taken actions on behalf of our associates, including asking YouTube to remove the video and calling their attention to the bullying nature of this hoax. Our associates work hard every day to serve our customers. They do a fantastic job, deserve better than being subjected to such disrespect, and will continue to have our full support."

Maria Leones.

It is not clear whether YouTube removed the video or if Love deleted it herself.

Social media users have also condemned the video, with one writing: "Whoever this fucking Lauren Love person is BAN her from YouTube. This is fucking funny to you? Lucky you didn't get your head knocked off. Disgusting, Walmart should sue her dumbass. Ass dumb."

A second said sarcastically: "Your child must be so proud of you!!"

Someone else commented: "Such a great role model for your kids."

Another said they hoped her YouTube was 'down for good'.

LADbible has contacted Lauren Love for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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