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Man Gets Removed From Donald Trump Rally After Pulling Hilarious Faces

Man Gets Removed From Donald Trump Rally After Pulling Hilarious Faces

The guy in the checked shirt behind Trump was removed from rally for making faces behind the US President

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

The US President took to the stage earlier today in Billings, Montana, where he covered many things from meeting with Kim Jong-un to his attempts at pronouncing the word 'anonymous'.

But most bizarrely of all was the guy in the checked shirt who continued to pull faces and ask (himself) questions in response to what Donald Trump was saying.

For example, when Trump said 'we've picked up a lot of support,' he replied: "Have you?"

He also found much of what the US leader was saying rather amusing, laughing as he explained: "I beat Crooked Hillary, and the electoral college is hard, it's frankly, if we didn't know better, and maybe we're starting to find out things we didn't know, it's hard, and harder to win than the popular vote.

"Popular vote you go to three, four states and it's boom boom boom - it's like the 100-yard dash versus running the mile, you practice differently. She forgot that."

The guy, who definitely disagreed with the majority of what Trump was saying, was eventually approached by a young woman in a black dress around 50 minutes into the speech.

The Independent reported how the pair spoke before the man walked out of shot, while the woman stood smiling in his place.

And to the sadness of many, he never returned.


Many people started to applaud him on social media. One said: "Plaid shirt guy, marry me."

Another added: "The hero we need."

"Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear plaid," someone else said.

And when he was sadly removed, people started to tweet 'RIP' to him.

One wrote: "RIP #plaidshirtguy. You brought us joy."

According to Huff Post, it's not uncommon that Trump's rallies feature a mix of supporters and protesters, leaving Trump staffers to handle situations quickly and quietly.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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