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​Honda Civic Breaks Record By Going From 0 To 60mph In 1.1 Seconds

​Honda Civic Breaks Record By Going From 0 To 60mph In 1.1 Seconds

A Honda Civic has broken records by travelling 0-60mph in just 1.1 seconds during a quarter-mile run at the Haltech World Cup Finals.

The car broke the AWD (All-Wheel Drive) Honda quarter-mile record at Maryland International Raceway at the event a few months back, having completed the stretch in a super speedy 7.45 seconds.

In a new video from YouTube feed That Racing Channel, Norris Prayoonto of P-Racing discussed the drag racing team's line-up of ridiculously fast AWD/FWD Hondas - including that fifth generation, 1,500-horsepower model.


Under the hood of the Honda Civic coupe drag car there's a bespoke Prayoonto 2.2-litre K24 inline-four engine with billet pistons, bespoke cams and a Supertech valvetrain.

According to Road and Track, there's also 'three injectors per cylinder, a Motec ECU, and a Garrett GTX50 76-millimeter turbocharger making 60-plus pounds of boost'.

Then you've got a four-speed dogbox and an all-wheel-drive system, sending all that power to the wheels.


Combine all of that, and you have yourself a car that can speed to 60mph in just 1.1 seconds, racing through the quarter-mile track in 7.45 seconds.

Norris Prayoonto. Credit: YouTube/That Racing Channel
Norris Prayoonto. Credit: YouTube/That Racing Channel

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It's hardly surprising that many people are impressed by the Honda's unexpected power, with one person commenting on the YouTube video: "This vid makes me want to confiscate my daughter's 2000 Honda...Lol..."

Someone else wrote on the Prayoonto's Facebook page: "You will have to go back to the starting line to retrieve your stomach... 1.1 seconds AWESOME!!"


Speaking of unlikely speed demons, recently a teenager in Swansea, South Wales, managed to reach a speed of 140mph in his dad's car - while being chased by the police.


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Kareem Hamoudeh was driving his dad's BMW when he was spotted going through a red light in Swansea, South Wales, on 29 February.

Refusing to pull over, the teen driver attempted to make a quick getaway and became involved in a high-speed chase.


The 19-year-old was arrested following a 20-minute pursuit, during which he was only stopped after officers deployed a 'stinger' to burst his tyres.

Hamoudeh was sentenced to 14 months in a young offenders institution and was banned from driving for the next two years and seven months.

If he wishes to drive in the future, he must also pass an extended test to get a licence.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/That Racing Channel

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