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Wrestlers Trash-Talking In Front Of Empty Arena Is Making People Cringe

Wrestlers Trash-Talking In Front Of Empty Arena Is Making People Cringe

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the globe, one organisation is particularly affected by a distinct lack of crowd participation - WWE.

Loads of sporting events have been postponed, including the Premier League, but never is it so glaringly obvious that 'it's the fans that make it' than at a wrestling match.


One segment in particular, where we see John Cena and Bray Wyatt aka the Fiend, trash talking each other to an empty room has left people cringing, as the lack of crowd sounds has really made all the difference.

You can see it below:

The clip was shared on Twitter by a wrestling fan, with the caption: "Thoughts on this segment to an empty audience."

We all know it's scripted - but never has it been so glaringly and embarrassingly obvious. At least put some sound effects on LADs?


Reactions were mixed, with some commenting on how good it would have been had it been saved for a later date when an audience could get involved. Others found it completely cringe-worthy.

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One person who wasn't impressed replied: "Middle-schoolers performing their monologue for drama class."

Another thought the whole thing was wasted: "Yeah, one of the best in ring talk segments they had in years wasted on a empty arena when it could have been saved for when it's safe enough to be in a full crowd."

It's not the only section of the latest SmackDown event that stood out for its pure lack of audience.

Footage that was accidentally leaked showed wrestlers stop fighting during the commercial breaks at Friday's SmackDown event, instead taking an awkward break in the ring.

The popular show was initially scheduled for its Detroit venue but was moved to an empty WWE Performance Centre amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen countries around the globe go into total lock-down.

The event had an eerie atmosphere, with the usual raucous crown nowhere to be seen in an attempt to try and control the outbreak.

With nobody there to see it in the arena, instead of carrying on the matches, as they usually do in the TV ad breaks, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and Bayley can be seen just awkwardly chilling in the ring, having a little walk around with no confrontation whatsoever.

Sean added afterwards: "I don't blame them. Why fill up the bump card?"

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