A 22 Karat Gold iPhone X Is Going To Cost An Eye-Watering $70,000

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A 22 Karat Gold iPhone X Is Going To Cost An Eye-Watering $70,000

This gold-plated iPhone X will blow your mind

Nothing screams pure class like gold. Think about it, when have you ever seen lots and lots of shiny gold and not thought that is really, really classy in a way I'd like to emulate, preferably through grit and graft but possibly with cheap substitutes if the former proves too difficult/time consuming?

Never. Not when watching a Goldie Lookin' Chain video, not when walking through the lobby of Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace, the classiest, second most expensive hotel ever built, which is laden with so much of the stuff even the cappuccinos are sprinkled with 24-karat gold flakes.

You've definitely never seen a gold car (or gun if playing Goldeneye on your N64) and not thought 'the owner of that item is both a happy person and very, very classy'. Not in a million billion years.


So it goes without saying that a new gold-plated version of the iPhone X has been launched and it's oozing in style, panache and yes, class. Nice.

Credit: Brikk

Offered by luxury customisation firm, Brikk, the phone's actually not an Apple product, confusingly, and is custom-plated in gold, rose gold, or platinum metal and presented in a cherry oak finished box, because like fine cigars, everything that screams wealth and class must come in a box, and not solely because an elegant box is further reason for the makers to jack up the price.


With prices ranging up to $70,000 (£53,000), it goes without saying that anyone buying this will want to take a lot of selfies/videos of themselves with it.


As we all know, less is definitely not more. Maybe in the 90s, when Oasis and Blur were de rigueur, then yes, but this isn't the 90s my friend. This is the age of more more more, how do you like it, how do you like it?

My mum is genuinely allergic to gold (not figuratively, her skin can't handle the stuff), so this phone would be the stuff of nightmares were I to get it for her, which with my salary as a journalist I could definitely definitely do.

Words: Ronan O'Shea

Featured Image Credit: Brikk

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