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Google's New Wireless Earbuds Can Translate Languages In Real Time

Google's New Wireless Earbuds Can Translate Languages In Real Time

No more night classes necessary

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Ever felt guilty about not putting the effort into learning a second language? Well, fear not, because once again technology has come through to save all of our lazy arses and eliminate the need for expensive night classes or dubious educational apps.

Tech giant Google has unveiled what is (if it actually works) one of the most impressive new pieces of kit we've seen in a very long time.

Credit: Google

Google calls them Pixel Buds, and they're the first pair of wireless earbuds the company has ever released - but these aren't your standard, run-of-the-mill earphones. These little beauties can translate different languages in real time, meaning that you can find out where the nearest toilet is on your next holiday, without having to do embarrassing hand gestures and making a complete tit out of yourself.

The earbuds connect through the voice-activated Google Assistant and will be able to play music, make phone calls and understand foreign languages for you.

What's more, the new Google Assistant service even allows the user to speak in a different language too. We really are living in the future here.


In order to translate other languages on the go, a user can simply push and hold on the earbud to translate into their chosen language.

Then, by pressing the earbud and saying, 'let me speak [insert language]', they will be able to reply in that language via Google translate with their translated words coming out of the phone speaker.

"With Pixel Buds, we're excited to put all the power of the Google Assistant into a pair of headphones you can take with you everywhere," said Google product manager Adam Champy.

"So you can easily control your tunes, get walking directions to the nearest coffee spot or have a conversation with someone from another country without ever pulling out your phone.

Credit: Google

"Pixel Buds bring Google smarts right to your ears, with answers and intel that would make James Bond jealous.

"Touch and hold the right earbud to ask your Assistant to play music, make a phone call, or get directions, all without pulling out your phone. If you have an upcoming meeting or you're waiting on a text from a friend, the Assistant can alert you to a calendar event or incoming message, and even read it to you if you can't look at your phone at that moment."

Pixel Buds will be available in the US for $159 (£121) in November with a UK release expected soon after.

Featured Image Credit: Google

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