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Charles Bronson Wants To Live Behind Bars Even When He's Released From Prison

Charles Bronson Wants To Live Behind Bars Even When He's Released From Prison

The inmate has his life after prison all planned out

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

The prisoner formerly known as Charles Bronson has said that once he leaves jail he will carry on living behind bars even when he's finished serving his sentence.

Speaking to his son George Bamby on James English's Anything Goes podcast, he said his plans include living in a caravan that will have bars on the windows as well as selling his art to make money.

Talking to George, Bronson, who recently changed his name to Salvador, said: "I've a six-berth caravan what you sorted for me. Even though I've asked you to put bars on the windows and barbed wire on the roof.

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"I'm going to do my art, make a living with my art. I'm going to do a lot for charities, I'm going to do my training. And I've got a job at the crime museum.

"So there's everything waiting for me out there."

Bronson was first locked up in 1974 for armed robbery, but his behaviour while inside has caused him to have his sentence extended.

He's been involved in 10 prison sieges, taking hostages, attacking prison officers and causing damage during protests.

During his 43-year stint in prison, he has been moved more than 120 times and has spent a lot of his time in solitary confinement.

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Speaking from HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, he added: "I've come to that stage in my life where I'm able to walk away.

"I'm polite to people. I'm respectful. I'm no danger to anybody. I just want to live a beautiful, lovely life."

His son, who was estranged until recently, has really set his dad up for when he is released.

He even gave him a title, meaning he's now officially called Lord Charles Arthur Salvador.

Bamby bought his dad a piece of land in Galloway, Scotland, costing £79.99 and allowing Salvador to call himself a Lord.

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According to The Daily Star, the 68-year-old was chuffed with his new title, writing in a letter: "Says it all. Me a Lord. You can't make this up!

"It's something to be proud of, and grateful. It's got a nice ring to it, Lord Salvador."

A fancy-looking document stated that he 'may henceforth and in perpetuity be known by the style and title of Lord and shall hereafter be known as Lord Charles Arthur Salvador'.

Bamby was revealed to be the con's 'long-lost son' in 2017 and says a DNA test has proved they are father and son.

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