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Council Puts Up Grammatically Incorrect Signs, Confusing Motorists

Council Puts Up Grammatically Incorrect Signs, Confusing Motorists

The signs were missing a vital full stop

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A local council has been blasted for putting up a grammatically incorrect no parking signs leading to motorists being fined.

Drivers in Ludlow, Shropshire, recently spotted a new sign reading: "No Parking Enforcement In Operation."

Now, you'd think that meant there's no traffic wardens out and about in the area, right? Well, so a number of residents who pulled up to the car park and used it.


However, the badly punctuated sign was actually put up to warn drivers that there's no parking in the area and that enforcement was in effect.

Due to this, several fines have been handed out to people who misinterpreted what the sign meant.

Lib Dem Councillor Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North, said: "The sign should have read 'No parking. Enforcement in operation'.

"For want of a full stop, a message was lost and parking fines were issued. It was obviously confusing.

"I would encourage anybody who's got parking tickets to challenge it. I think it was just put up in a hurry.

"We are dealing with covid-19, we're a very small town with very narrow streets and we're trying to clear up enough space for traders to work.

"We have market stalls and other things and we're trying to free up space throughout the town centre.

"The whole operation was literally done in days and you make mistakes when you do things in days."

Angela Rennie, who lives in the area, said she has parked there and assumed the sign was telling people park restrictions had been relaxed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


She said: "I've actually parked there, but luckily I wasn't fined. If I had been though, I would have fought it all the way.

"As it stands, that sign means you can park there surely.

"It's their error and it just shows how a simple full stop can completely change the meaning of a message.

"You've got to laugh really, but I bet those who have been fined aren't joking about it. Hopefully they won't have to pay."

Steve Davenport, Shropshire Council's Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "This was an honest mistake and we apologise for any confusion caused.

"The signs in question were intended to read 'NO PARKING. ENFORCEMENT IN OPERATION' but the full-stop had been accidentally omitted.

"Once the error was spotted the signs were corrected and have been replaced.

"Anyone who feels they have been confused by the signs and have received a Penalty Charge Notice is entitled to follow our appeals process.

"It should be noted that all who had parked in this area had parked in a pedestrian area, which is not permitted, and is also irresponsible given the current social distancing guidelines."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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