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Kathy Burke Calls Prince Philip 'Selfish C***' Following Car Accident

Kathy Burke Calls Prince Philip 'Selfish C***' Following Car Accident

The comedian and actress took to Twitter to blast the Duke of Edinburgh

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Kathy Burke has branded Prince Philip a 'selfish c**t' on Twitter following his recent car crash.

In a post the actress and comedian wrote: "Very pleased that the 9-month-old innocent baby wasn't killed or injured by the 97-year-old selfish c**t."

The Duke of Edinburgh was out driving in his Land Rover near Sandringham yesterday when he hit another car carrying three people - including a baby.


The Palace confirmed that Philip wasn't injured in the collision.

The 28-year-old driver of the other car - a Kia - was treated for cuts to her knee and the 48-year-old passenger sustained a broken wrist in the incident. They were taken to hospital and later discharged.

In response to Burke's tweet, one social media user replied: "Well that's just horrid. How could you assume it was some intentional act of malice? Horrible tweet!" to which Burke responded: "Where did I say that? I just pointed out that driving at 97 years old is a very selfish act. It's c***y."

She also posted another tweet, showing a headline which read 'Prince Philip's four chilling words after car crashing involving mum and baby near Sandringham' writing alongside it: "Wankers will defend me."

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

In a follow-up tweet, she added: "I do admire all these lovely people coming to Pips defence. Hope they realise he wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. Still. Doff doffdoff."

Although not everyone has worded it quite as strongly as Burke, Philip's crash has sparked a debate about elderly people driving - with some people suggesting that once motorists hit a certain age, they should give up driving or have to carry out a re-test.

Piers Morgan also took to social media to say: "Very lucky escape for Prince Philip. He won't want to hear this, but 97-year-olds shouldn't be allowed to drive. For their sake, and everyone else's."

Earlier today, a delivery truck was spotted dropping off Philip's brand new replacement Land Rover Freelander.

The one he was driving at the time of the crash was overturned and had to be towed away.

Speaking about Philip's car, eye-witness Roy Warne told the BBC: "I saw it careering, tumbling across the road and ending up on the other side.

"It would take a massive force [to have done that]."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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