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LAD Dyes His Moustache For Movember And It Really Doesn't Work

LAD Dyes His Moustache For Movember And It Really Doesn't Work

He thought it would make his facial hair stand out - well, it definitely did that

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Today marks the start of Movember, which means millions of lads around the world will be attempting to grow the most impressive piece of facial hair ever - all in the name of a fantastic cause.

However, while some men are blessed with the ability to cultivate a thick strip of fuzz, others who are not quite as gifted in the gene department struggle to grow even the faintest hint of bum fluff. It's really quite upsetting.

Dominic made a grave mistake last Movember.

And if you happen to identify with the latter and are taking part in the annual event, one man has a word of warning. Don't try and dye it, or, at least, be very careful.

This was a harsh lesson that Dominic Gibbons, from Cwmbran, Wales, learnt last year when - taking part in his first Movember - he decided to dye his tash to make it a bit more noticeable, but ended up looking like a children's character.

Dominic wanted to make his tash really stand out.

Speaking to LADbible, the 23-year-old urged other fair-haired Movemberists to take care this year.

He said: "My tash wasn't dark enough so wanted to dye it and make it stand out.

"So I dyed the moustache twice for a darker tint but didn't even patch test it, even though my mam advised me to because I had had a bad reaction to a henna tattoo when I was a kid."

And it didn't take long for Dominic to realise he had royally messed up.

He continued: "I went to work the next day and it started going red, and by the time Saturday came, it really was starting to show."

Now, if you found yourself in this position, you'd probably go home and keep a fairly low profile and wait for it to calm down. Not Dominic.

But he was left looking like a 'Tweenie'.

He said: "I made a bet with my mate that Liverpool would beat Arsenal, but they drew so I had to jump into a canal, which did not help at all. Leaving the party on Sunday morning, I looked like a Tweenie.

"Turns out that I'm actually really allergic to any dye, luckily it didn't hurt very much, it was just really uncomfortable."

He added: "I went to hospital on the Monday and it lasted for about a week, so I decided not to go to work looking like a Tweenie."

Dominic said he ended up looking like a Tweenie after his reaction to the dye.

But despite his pretty awful first experience of Movember, Dominic says it's not put him off and he's doing it all over again this year - and he's come up with a much safer way of making it stand out this time.

He said: "I've decided to just pencil it on this year. But my advice to anyone thinking of dyeing theirs would be just to patch test it and don't jump in canals."

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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