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Italian Restaurant Owner Brutally Responds To Tripadviser Reviews

Italian Restaurant Owner Brutally Responds To Tripadviser Reviews

If we've learnt anything here, it's don't mess with Massimo

So the saying goes, 'the customer is always right', well, that's not the view taken by one restaurant owner, who told one diner to go and eat 'cow dung' after they dared to ask for some Parmesan for their meal.

So perturbed by the incident, the customer - going by the name Zwelithini M - was prompted to leave a 'terrible' review on Tripadvisor and said he left Maximo Italian Bistrot, in London, 'dumbfounded' after a waiter refused his seemingly innocuous request.

Writing on the site, he said: "He (the waiter) literally refused to give me the Parmesan, stating you do not put Parmesan on any seafood because it would take away the flavor.

"When I explained that I wanted it because I liked my cream dishes cheesy, he repeated himself and walked away."

The disgruntled customer was upset after the waiter refused to serve him cheese with his meal.

Unfortunately for Zwelithini, Maximo's boss Massimo Donato doesn't take criticism too well and passionately defended the waiter's decision not to give in to his 'silly' demands.

Massimo left a brutal message after receiving the 'terrible' review.

He says: "No words about your rudeness and your silly request.

"I am trying to understand your incredible frustration and disappointment about your obscene request you have made here at Maximo.

"It was very hard to say no to you, and the harder part was to explain as better as I could the obvious reasons of my refuse."

But he wasn't done there and took the opportunity to teach Zwelithini a few things about Italian cuisine.

"NEVER ask for pineapple on pizza; NEVER put cream on your Carbonara; NEVER ask for any Alfredo pasta (who is Alfredo anyway?); NEVER put chicken on arrabbiata:


Before adding: "Anyway, I understand that your weirdness doesn't know any limit, so there are a lot of fake Italian restaurants run by fool greedy and consciousless people that allow any kind of abominy (sic).Try parmesan on cow dung, it should taste fine for you."


But this isn't the first time the razor-tongued restaurant owner has gone toe to toe with customers who have left negative reviews. Not by a long way.

Chef Massimo Donato is known for his razor-sharp tongue.
Maximo Italian Bistrot

Responding to one woman's critique of his restaurant, Massimo said: "Dear Monica, First of all, thank you to join the Tripadvisor community putting your first review, we just need in this world another great reviewer like you, and finally you took the power in your hand writing a very important review, you are now ready for judge a MasterChef edition!!!

"Obviously I made a big laugh reading your review."

Adding: "I suggest next time to take a good pizza (from us or from someone else, we could survive losing a customer like you) straight in to the place, is the best way to enjoy an hot and crispy pizza without any loss of flavour due to a delivery.

While when one irate diner complained after they turned up late to a reservation to find the kitchen closed, Massimo simply said: "See you later, but not too late or you will find the kitchen close again :)."

If we've learnt anything here, it's don't mess with Massimo.

Featured Image Credit: Maximo Italian Bistrot

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