UK Firm Switches To Four Day Working Week And Gives Staff A Pay Rise

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UK Firm Switches To Four Day Working Week And Gives Staff A Pay Rise

A UK company has switched over to a four-day working week and says its staff and customers have never been happier. Anyone else just about to email this to their boss?

Jammy staff at law firm Portcullis Legals in Plymouth have also been given a pay rise to put aside concerns that the new hours were a cost-cutting exercise. Not bad, eh?

The new hours mean the office is open later in the evening while still operating five days a week. The firm's bosses have said the staff are happier having three days off a week (I'll bloody bet they are), therefore the customers are happier.

Managing director Trevor Worth told Plymouth Live: "The initial results have been heartening - our team is happier and our customers are receiving a better service."


The switch to working four days a week, rather than the usual five, is gaining popularity with employers, after claims it makes workforces happier and more productive.

A New Zealand study found that employees at one finical firm were 20 percent more productive, which meant better profits as well as improving staff well-being.

Portcullis Legals decided to do its own five-month trial, with its nine members of staff, and has since decided to bring in the four-day week permanently.

Imagine having three lie-ins a week. Credit: PA
Imagine having three lie-ins a week. Credit: PA

Trevor added: "I've contacted businesses far and wide to find out the benefits and pitfalls of the four-day week, working with academics and industry leaders to find out the best way to apply the four-day week to Portcullis.

"The response has been extraordinary and there's a real passion to help other firms achieve a happier working week for their staff."

He also says that the change has meant he is able to keep his offices open later, so customers are also better off.

"This means our valued clients can contact us later in the evening," he explained. "Which is often more convenient. Our staff have been more motivated and productive - I'm delighted we've been able to make it work and provide an even better service for customers, and a great working environment for our team. Values and purpose are very important to us, as is the well-being of every team member."


All sounds good to me - ARE YOU READING THIS, BOSS?

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